Inside Her Purse: What the Contents of Your Bag Say About You

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Inside Her Purse: What the Contents of Your Bag Say About You

They say you should never judge a book by its cover and it’s what’s inside that counts, and with those adages in mind, can we determine someone’s personality type by looking inside your purse?

Our relationships with our bags supersede any of the connections we may have with our clothes and other accessories, with the exception of shoes as they are similar in the sense that we can never leave the house without them. Evidently, there’s a lot that you can tell about a person through her bag in terms of the style and contents, as body language experts tell Glamour that even the way a woman carries her purse is indicative of her traits.

As Woman Within iterates, “Every woman loves a handbag,” and whatever we choose to put in them are our personal choices that reveal bits and pieces of ourselves. Curious to find out what your bag says about you? Find out if you fall under any of these personalities listed below!

The Planner
Call her organized and maybe someone who likes to play it safe, this woman likes predictability and order. According to “The Diva Handbag Lady” Maria Williams, women under this category regularly use a classic style bag and fill it with tissues, a phone charger, eye drops, a toothbrush, lipgloss, and anything else that will keep her prepared for any situation.


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The Spontaneous
If you often carry your passport, some candy, perfume, a book and a mini pharmacy in your tote, you’re most likely a wanderer, always ready for your next adventure when the occasion calls for it.

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The Minimalist
She most likely doesn’t have that 9-5 job that requires a bigger tote for all our office needs, carrying a clutch or a small purse that uses from day to night and fits all of her essentials, such as her credit cards, compact, phone, keys, lip balm, and maybe breath mints. She knows how to eliminate junk, and as an article on ABC News demonstrates, the fewer the items in the her bag, the more confident she is.


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The Creative
You’ve heard of organized clutter, right? A man or another person in general might take a look at this personality type’s bag and immediately peg her as messy in all areas of her life. But the artist knows exactly where each item is in her “bottomless pit” of a handbag, which is filled with the most random of things like prescriptions, receipts and even coloring pencils. This apparent lack of organization says that she is laidback and approachable.


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Which of these categories do you fit under?

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