The bag of… FAB le Frique


The bag of… FAB le Frique


This girl has it all: she is a natural beauty and has just won the MTV Award for Best Upcoming Blogger 2015 powered by ilovefashionbloggers. Frederique has a lot of flair and is well educated. We have a kind of similar background because just after she finished her law studies and applied to be a corporate lawyer, she decided to follow her dream which she transformed into her blog FAB le Frique. Moreover, Frederique is a lot of fun to be around so I very much enjoyed our coffee-date on Monday afternoon. And besides chit-chatting about men, animals, blogging and food, Frederique also told me all about her bag. Are you ready for the story of the bag of… FAB le Frique?


So tell us, how many bags do you have in your collection?

Well I think I have approximately 20 real ‘go to’ bags. That are the bags that I use a lot, including backpacks, more sophisticated handbags and travel bags. I always keep a critical eye on my collection and I recently cleaned out my closet. The bags that I do not use any longer, are given to my family or friends and I also sold a couple of them at the IJhallen.


What is the story about your & the bag in the pictures?

I bought this bag four years ago (!!) so it really withstands the use. I love the shape of this bag, its quality and its usability. Yes, me and my bag have already been through a lot together;). This bag is by Daily look, an American brand. I really love online shopping, not only for buying accessories but also apparel. As I can see and feel most of the items at press events, I know very well what I want to add to my wardrobe the next season.

And which items can we find in your bag?

Well, as a typical fashion blogger, I always carry my laptop (with a jolly french fries cover), my camera, the chargers for my devices, labello, notebook and some pens, wallet and my car keys. My phone is mostly kept in my pocket.


How would you define your own style?

I really love an elegant way of dressing with an edge. I mostly prefer quality fabrics that are plain and natural coloured. My look should be pure and not too doll-like. The same applies to the use of make-up; I want people to see the real me. I have a big weakness for Scandinavian brands with their minimalistic designs and shoes are my biggest obsession. I love to match my outfit with my accessories so the shoes should complete my outfit. For that reason, you will not see me often wear any clothes with lots of prints as these items are harder to combine.

Which bag is your absolute favourite in your collection?

My favourite bag is my yellow Karl Lagerfeld bag (find out more about it here), a perfect statement bag with little K-A-R-L charms, what’s not to love?! 


Which bag has been added to your wish list?

Well there is not really one specific bag that is on top of my musthaves list but I do really look for a new travel bag. Such a bag would be extremely useful as I travel a lot between Arnhem and Leiden, where my boyfriend is living.

So Leiden and Arnhem can both be qualified as your ‘hometown’. Would you like to tell us about your favourite hotspots in those two cities.

My number one  stop in Leiden is the local eco supermarket located at the Herenstraat to get all my vegan goodies. In Arnhem I love going to Het Kaufhaus, a unique shop where you can buy clothes, vintage pieces of furniture, vinyl and home accessories.



Thank you so much Frederique for sharing all your thoughts about bags, shopping and style!

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