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Hi there & thank you so much for visiting this blog! If you love bags, fashion and travel, you will feel right at home here. Because Bag at you gives you loads of fashion, travel and lifestyle inspiration. This online destination contains articles on bags & fashiona diary of my looks, stories of my travel adventures as well as features about my pregnancy and life as a mom.


After finishing my legal trainee-ship at an international law firm in October 2014, I was ready to pursue my dream which I transmitted into this blog. At first I was afraid of my passions and held back because of fear. But today I can proudly proclaim that I am a bagaholic & travelista. Your bag completes your look, defines your style and helps you to distinguish from others. This accessory carries your world and you would be lost without it, wouldn’t you? Bag at you is here to help because a bag is a statement so you better make it a good one. And besides a lot of fashion inspiration, you will also find a lot of travel stories so you can make the most of your personal journey called life! I sincerely hope that the exciting stories about fashion, babylifestyletravel will inspire you!


So what about me? I’m a Dutch girl who is living in Amsterdam happily married, and expecting a little baby boy in September. We just returned from our expat journey in San Francisco and Houston, USA. I’m addicted to bags (obviously), Nivea (my beauty secret), exclamation marks (to express my enthusiasm), kinder (chocolate) and mars ice-cream (more chocolate). I also have a weakness for products that are unique, exclusive and tell a story.


Thank you so much for visiting my blog & becoming part of this journey, if only for a day. You are also most welcome to contact me in Dutch or English and I will get bag at you as soon as possible (please check my contact details for more information).

Love, Susanne


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