What to wear for Christmas?

What to wear for Christmas

What to wear for Christmas?

It’s almost Christmas time! We basically missed the first half of the December month due to some bad viruses! Bou was the one who got sick, then I followed him and finally it caught my husband as well. I actually can’t remember when I was this sick so I’m very happy that this is in the past now. We traded the sickness in for the Christmas tree, decorated the house in greens and reds and listen to Christmas music all day every day. Of course, I have been searching for the perfect Christmas looks as well and found three really nice ones, each appropriate for a different Christmas party. Which one is your favourite?


I would wear this fringe detail black dress to any Christmas dinner! It’s fun, festive and easy to match with my favorite sprakling tights and black heels.

What to wear for Christmas - dinner

One of my favourite meals is our Family Christmas brunch. It’s more relaxed and that also gives me the opportunity to wear a colourful corduroy pants and a matching top that has a little sparkle. And of course I completed the look with my favourite glitter heels.What to wear for Christmas - family brunch

Now, as you know I love to dress up! But to be honest, I really love the Christmas chill as well. This is the time we just relax as a family and watch our favourite Christmas movies like The Holiday, Love Actually and Home Alone. I think this sequin jumper is perfect for this!

What to wear for Christmas - Christmas chill

As always, thank you for reading!

Happy holidays and I hope to see you here in the new year! XoXo Susanne!

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