My mini & me ♥ Matching sneakers


My mini & me ♥ Matching sneakers

Since my mini arrived, I have been loving to match my outfit to his. If he wears jeans, I will put on denim trousers. Whenever he wears a cap, I will do too. I bought a similar striped seersucker pants after he got a pair and will do the same with his shoes. He just turned one and is very close to taking his first steps. On the one hand I want to press the pause button as I can’t believe how fast my baby turns into a little boy. But on the other hand, I’m super stimulating and excited to see him grow, develop and take those first steps. Now, to encourage Boudewijn to start running around, we ordered him his first pair of Nikes!Bag-at-you---Sneakers---NikeMore particularly, the Nike Air Max 270 React, a super light sneaker that is very fun and comfortable. It is a combination of classics with the oversized style of Air Max 180 and the traditional features of the Air Max 93. Besides the cool looks of the Nike Air Max 270 React, I also like them as they are made with light materials which is extra convenient in wearing. It has the biggest air unit in the heal so walking in it is super soft. They are also very easy to put on, with the two loops on the front and back of the baby sneaker. I was particularly drawn to this colorful pair, as it reminded me of different ages of modern art. Now, as he will be walking soon as the cool kid, I copied him so we can twin around.Bag-at-you---Nike-Air-Max-270-ReactWhen I put on these Nike Air Max 270 React, I felt like I could literally bounce around all day long and I barely noticed they were on my feet. I loved it as Boudewijn will feel the same. These sneakers are super lightweight with their air cushioning which is a huge plus for babies who start walking. They are colourful statement sneakers and the perfect mix of modern fashion with comfort. I’m sure these will bright up any day in Fall and will match with denim, greens and chocolates as well as corduroy and quilted garments. Whatever our look, with these shoes we will be ready for any ride. For a mom, there is simply nothing better than when comfort and style merge. The Nike Air Max 270 React enable me to embrace the athleisure trend in full, and I couldn’t be more excited to do so with my little boy!

As always, thank you for reading! XoXo Susanne!

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