The bag of… Hashtag by Lily


The bag of… Hashtag by Lily

I could’t be more excited to publish this interview with this always-smiling-fashionista. Last week I met with Lily of the fashion travel blog Hashtag by Lily in the beautiful garden of the Rijksmuseum. She is super sweet and has a contagious laughter. This beautiful girl cycles from pillar to post and prefers to work in a cozy coffee bar. It took her some time before she actually launched her blog but now – within 1,5 years – she has already been nominated for the ‘best newcomer blog 2015’ Zalando award (vote here). It is therefore high time to show you everything about the bag of Hashtag by Lily.


What are your thoughts on bags?

Well, shoes and bags are the items I want to invest in. These accessories complete your outfit so I never find it a waste of money to save up for a designer bag or pair of shoes with a price tag. My first investment was a plain-colored bag by Mulberry. Now I have collected a few basic icons, I can go for more extravagant pieces with crazy prints, like the shoulder bag that I carry in these pictures.


Do you always match your bag with your outfit?

I always pick one key item that I really want to wear that day which could be a coat, bag, shoes or skirt. Once I figured that out, I build the entire outfit around that item. So yes, I guess that the pieces of clothing do complement one another.


Where and when did you buy this Mulberry bag?

Let’s check my Instagram… Ahh I see. I bought this bag in Roermond Outlet five weeks ago with my mother. Whenever I go to this place I always visit the Furla and Mulberry store. Mulberry is one of my favourite brands. As these bags have a timeless design, I always try to buy these expensive accessories in sale.

What is in your bag?

Let’s see… Candy, keys, Victoria Secret parfum, blistex, two lipsticks, wallet and my phone.


How would you define your style?

I have to admit that my style has changed a bit since that I am a fashion blogger. My looks were very casual and simple in the beginning. However, I have evolved my style in this short period, where I like to add a twist in my looks, like adding a quirky item. So my looks always contain a striking piece, often with colours. The reason for this change is partly because of my Instagram. I really take care of my Instagram feed, so I defined the colourful style as my signature.


Who is your biggest style icon?

I actually started blogging because of the ex-blogger Elin Kling, who inspired me so much. Her style was very minimal. Besides the fact that she was my fashion icon, she runs a successful fashion company and magazine, really something to admire. I am also working on a new business next to my blog right now, which I hopefully can reveal more about very soon.

Which item is on top of your wishlist? 

A Céline bag, that is really an accessory that I want to add to my collection. Which model exactly doesn’t really matter actually, anything of Céline is gorgeous!


What is you favourite travel destination?

Japan stole my heart… My boyfriend and I went there last year and we are very anxious to go back one day. But we also really love Indonesia and by the time this article is published I will be there again for my blog until 17 October (lucky me). You can follow all adventures on my Instagram.

Where do you like to go in Amsterdam?

My #1 hotspot is Trakteren op de Jan Pieter Heijenstraat. If you check my Instagram, you will see hat they do real latte art (love that!). If I shop, I always visit & Other Stories as well as Monki and ZARA.



Thank you so much for taking the time to tell us all about your bag, wishlist and hotspots. Good luck with your fashion travel blog and enjoy your big adventure in Indonesia! And if you want to know more about her or her blog, just visit Hashtag by Lily.

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