The bag of… More Style Than Fashion


The bag of… More Style Than Fashion

We only have to glimpse at this beautiful and ambitious blondie to understand that her appealing positive vibe and amazing style made her blog grew big in only one year. Sandra of More Style Than Fashion is living in Rotterdam and has the typical go-getter mentality. Besides the fact that she is a true business woman with stunning looks, she is fun, makes up the best quotes and is always smiling. Sandra has already done some great collaborations, including Ted Baker and Tony Cohen, and now she has taken the time to tell you everything about her thoughts about bags, her own obsession and the items that she has recently put on top of her must-haves list. Are you ready for the bag of More Style Than Fashion?!


So tell me, how many bags do you have in your collection?

Enough to have bags lying around just about everywhere in the house, haha… Yes, seriously, I guess I have dozens of bags. But that is just because I love wearing a different bag each day. This accessory is always matched with my outfit so I guess that requires a lot of different types, colors and styles in my bag collection.

What is the story about you & the bag in the pictures?

This bag was actually a gift. In May this year I was invited to visit the headquarters of Ted Baker in London. That alone was a great experience. But I was also lucky to receive an exceptional goodie bag, including this floral Ted Baker clutch (buy her bag here). It totally matches my style and is perfect for summer.


And which items can we find in your bag?

I always bring my Segrid, a Dutch invention to keep all my cards. Moreover, you will find my Dior Addict Riviera lipstick, phone, Mentos, a comb, tissues, sunglasses and my keys.

Some of your followers (including myself) like to call you the Carrie Bradshaw of the Netherlands. But how would you define your own style?

Haha, thank you. I love her style! My style would be best described as colorful, playful and above all very feminine. Also variation is my keyword.

As a close follower of your blog, I happen to know that you have a little shoe obsession? Could you tell us which blogpost showcases your favorite pair of shoes

Ok, I confess… I do have a shoe addiction haha.. I think it runs in the family as my mom also has tons of shoes. You probably noticed I wear a lot of heels, I think the shape of your foot, leg and whole posture comes out much better in them. Besides that I often see shoes as statement pieces in a look. Sometimes they are just small pieces of art like the ones of Sophia Webster (huge shoe crush on those!). I think shoes can make or break an entire outfit.


Do you prefer offline or online shopping?  

Online, definitely! Unless we are on holiday; then I love scouring the local shops. But it mainly has to do with the fact that I don’t have much time to browse for hours through the city. Online I can shop whenever it’s easy for me.

What is your favorite hotspot in Rotterdam?

Well, it’s not an easy one since we have many lovely places. I like to visit HUGH, I even celebrated my Birthday there. It’s a bar which turns into a club in the late evening. The interior gives a bit of that cosmopolitan (like NY) feeling which I love.

Has there been any bag added to your wish list lately? And any matching pair of shoes? 

So many! I’m going to Paris Fashion Week soon so I’ll probably won’t resist to shop some bags & shoes over there.


Thank you so much Sandra for taking the time to tell us all about your favourite bag! If you want to know more, please visit

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