What your bag says about your personality!


What your bag says about your personality!

No Bag, No Story! – As you might know these four words constitute my personal motto. The bag is the most important accessory as it defines your style, distinguish yourself from others, completes the outfit and carries your world. It is therefore not without reason that many different bags have been designed and made through the years in terms of various models, by different brands, in diverse price ranges, from all kinds of materials and all with a different functionality and format. When you walk on te streets, you see many different types of people wearing different kinds of bags. And if you look carefully, you will note that it does reveal a lot about their personality. Not only the bag actually, but also the way they carry this accessory can tell a lot about one’s character. To show what I mean, I have collected some pictures which will clarify in a bit more detail what your bag could say about your personality. I’m very curious to find out which type you are and whether my views on this topic match your personality.

The Handbag

Bag at you - Fashion blog - What your bag says about your personality - Handbag

The elegant and stylish woman carries a handbag. It has a timeless and refined look and it is a safe investment because this model will be in style forever. Moreover, the way you carry or hold your precious bag tells your surroundings even more about the woman’s personality. Amal Clooney holds it in her hand, which proves that she choose status over functionality as she de-operates one of her arms while she move around. Especially when you hold your bag with two hands, it is clear that you have a priority on status and position. But the most luxe appearance is achieved when you hold your bag in the arm crook hook. Like Victoria Beckham, who holds one of the most wanted designer bags in the world: The Hermes Birkin. She looks like she has power and is confident. And she can also multitask now that she has her hands free. Find your perfect new handbag here..!

The Clutch!

Bag at you - Fashion blog - What your bag says about your personality - Clutch

You are either a party girl or just always dressed up, whatever the time of the day is. The clutch helps you to make you look festive. Chiara for example just wears a casual hat and cardigan, Blake a striking and colourful skirt while Olivia Palermo decided to combine this bag with a black leather jacket. The clutch is elegant and it makes a statement. You are organised and minimalistic as you can only bring along a few little items. This bag also asks you to give up one hand but most of the clutches enable you to cheat as they often have the option to attach a removable shoulder strap so you can use it as a shoulder bag in times of need. You’ll might find your perfect new clutch here..!

The Shoulder Bag

Bag at you - Fashion blog - What your bag says about your personality - schoudertas

It is obvious! You are a multitasker and you need to have your arms free so you can use them. For this reason Miss Coco Chanel designed in the 20s a new model, which was inspired on the bags of the soldiers with the shoulder straps that were attached to those bags. Chanel came up with her first shoulder bag in 1929 which design she renewed in February 1955: the well known, iconic and most wanted Chanel 2.55 Flap Bag. If you look at the picture above you will probably note that these girls each have a different character. Queen of Jetlags carries her Chanel in front of her which makes a shy and defending impression. The girl at Coachella is a free spirit, festival proof and has a bohemian look. If you mix these two looks you will get the shoulder bag that is hanging next to the body like Valentine Ferragni does. She has the best of both worlds and she makes a relaxed and nonchy appearance by looking organised, elegant and confident. Find the new shoulder bag of your dreams here..!

The shopper

Bag at you - Fashion blog - What your bag says about your personality - Shopper

She is unpredictable and never knows what her day might bring. She is very practical and prepared for anything now that she can put all her essentials in one bag. It is the perfect accessory when you go on a holiday, are on the go for meetings or when you go out for spontaneous coffee. You also have a conscious lifestyle now that you never have to ask for a plastic bag whenever you unexpectedly buy something at the supermarket. Find your new shopper bag here..!

The Business man!

Bag at you - Fashion blog - What your bag says about your personality - The Business Man

The man with the backpack is fast, sporty and practical. The guy on the bike even proves that his functionality does not have interfere with his taste for fashion. This backpack is ideal for men that are busy and have to travel a lot during the day. Another bag that is perfect to take along on the bike is the messenger. Historically this bag was especially designed for couriers on bikes but this item has developed through the years whereas it has a more business-like look. It therefore is a very good option for a young professional who just starts out with his first job. The most advanced bag for men is the handbag, which pairs very well with a suit. You will see this bag a lot in the financial district as it has a professional, stylish and corporate appearance. This bag often has a lot of inside pockets which makes this bag perfect to organise. More business bags here..!

The adventurous travellers!

Bag at you - Fashion blog - What your bag says about your personality - Travel

There are many different travellers which will be explained by looking at the picture in the below. The couple on the left is ready for a – probably luxe – weekend away. He is very charming as he carries two bags which must be entailing her clothes as well (she only carries one handbag). As they also have matched the bags in terms of brands, this couple makes a organised and stylish appearance, which is emphasised by her handbag that she holds in the arm crook hook. As an opposite, you have the backpack. This bag makes it possible to go where no one has ever been before. It is the perfect bag for adventurers, mountaineers and this person in the desert. It is not without reason that the most adventurous traveller is called a backpacker. Another bag that is perfect for travelling, more specifically when you are on city trip, is the fanny pack, like the fashionable blogger on the right in New York. Your papers, wallet and phone will be safe and you will have your hands free at all times.


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