Tips to give your house a makeover with Desenio posters!

Desenio posters

Tips to give your house a makeover with Desenio posters!

During this time year, when the days get shorter and darker, I always find myself wanting to re-decorate the house. To make it more cozy, to add candles on the tables, blankets on the couch and to renew the decoration. As you know from this post two years ago, home decoration is taken very seriously in this house and needs to be perfect. Back then, we gave our bed room and Boudewijn’s room a facelift. As I’m still very happy with those posters, I immediately re-visited Desenio. I just know that I can find the perfect posters and frames! This Swedish interior brand offers the biggest online collection of fashionable art prints for walls, ranging from fashion, nature, animals, vintage and kids. We now want to give our living room, kitchen and rest room an upgrade! Curious to see what I picked?

The living room ♥

Our living room is a place to play, to unwind, to celebrate and where we invite our guests to have a drink. Therefore, it’s a very versatile room that asks for decoration that is appealing to a wide audience and circumstances. We insisted on having palms, and we all immediately loved this sunset palm leaves poster; fun fact, one of Bou’s first words was “palmboom”! In addition, we wanted to reflect our love for cars; I think that worked out pretty well with the American Vintage Car and Brigitte Bardot posters. Finally, we were searching for another nature print. Preferably with the ocean, as we all feel happiest on the beach. I’m obsessed with the wave crush poster! I think the result is just the perfect combination of something relaxing, dreamy and exciting. We decided to put the frames around the television, so that the TV is a little less prominently present in our living room. What do you think?

Desenio Posters Living Room 2Desenio posters Living roomDesenio posters living room 1

The kitchen ♥

For our kitchen we wanted to have some cool pictures from drinks! As we both love our coffee, we insisted on having this cool caffe latte poster. My favorite drink is champagne, and my hubby loves to drink negroni. So voila, the pouring champagne poster and negroni on a tray are the result! To make it a little bit more exciting, we added these fun bubble gum giraffe and flamingo cone posters at the entrance! I think this is my new favourite room in our house!Desenio posters Kitchen 3Kitchen 1Desenio Posters Kitchen 2 copy

The rest room ♥

Having a cool rest room has always been on top of my list. However, I never really spent any time on upgrading this room. With these frames we added something fun, unwinding and friendly! With the catching up on reading, friendship, golden palm and rollerskating giraffe posters, anyone should feel at ease to do whatever they have to do;).

Desenio posters restroom

Which poster is your favourite? Keep an eye out on my Instagram as I will be sharing a discount code soon!

As always, thank you for reading! XoXo Susanne!

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P.s. 2 In collaboration with Desenio, but this article includes my own opinion

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