I don’t want summer to end..!


I don’t want summer to end..!

Summer is by far my favorite season of the year. I love the sun, I love the heat and I love the summer accessories and apparel, preferably in bright colours! Today I show you one of my favourite bags this summer as well as some of the eclectic elegance and the alluring beauty of South America. You might already have spotted this trendy, ethical and luxury hat on my Instagram as I absolutely love it. This hat is a real compliment catcher and it protects me from the sun in the most elegant way! The colors are perfect and that is why this headpiece is one of my favorite summer accessories.


Hats My Putchi

I first saw the hats of MY PUTCHI on Instagram and it was immediately obvious that I could travel around the world in style with this precious treasure. The ethical luxury fashion brand reflects the fascinating encounter between art, fashion, designs and giving back. Each of the hats are handmade by the Wayuu community. These people are known as the people of the sun, sand and wind and their art of weaving comes from generation to generation. Each hat takes about 8 to 10 hours to hand weave. Mirtha founded MY PUTCHI as she thought that more people deserved to see and wear these colorful, cultural handmade treasures so you can sophisticatedly attend any summer event. Just like me as I try to enjoy every last second of summer.


Sustainable fashion

But it is also a sustainable fashion label as MY PUTCHI practices fair trade, develops and supports the traditional skills which results in a sustainable income for the artisans from the Guajira Peninsula. This exclusive fashion label is a member of FEM International, a visionary non-profit organization dedicated to promoting gender equality, economic rights and sustainable development. So MY PUTCHI does not only create pieces of art, it also contributes to a better world. #whatsnottolove <3


Which season is your favourite and why?!


Get the look: Hats My Putchi Karat Royal, Kate Spade New York bag, Supertrash Top, Guess Shorts and Lisa Kay Shoes


– Hope you enjoyed this article! Big Xx, Susanne –

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