The embroidery trend makes your outfit come to life!


The embroidery trend makes your outfit come to life!


Embroidery is everywhere are without a doubt one of the most popular trends this summer. They simply make any piece more fun, unique and playful. It can add beauty to understated garments and make your outfit really come to life. However, the embroidery trend isn’t a new hype. To be more precise, it is one of the oldest handicrafts of decorating fabric and other materials with a needle and thread or yarn. It is a amazing way to decorate scarves, handbags and other accessories with this kind of needlework. That is why I love these trousers and parka, with its embroideries on the back. I also have a weakness for pompoms and tassels so this jacket is a new favourite. The ruffles aren’t passing by this season for the first time either. The Spanish girls have always worn them always for festivals and not without reason. Because they are fun and elegant. Especially in summer, I want to wear something that flares around me. That is why I think this bag is the ultimate summer accessory, especially in this coral colour. I also love to wear white shirts in summer, as they make any outfit look fresh. And of course you need to have a good pair of statement sunglasses, like these Polette sunnies I wear. I’m ready for summer – ready to flare! What do you think of this outfit and the embroidery trend?

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Photos by Bradley Wittke


Get the look: Bag with ruffles, Zara parka, Polette sunglasses, embroidered skinny jeans, black boots (similar boots here) and crisp white shirt


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