You’ll be amazed at what this bag can do!


You’ll be amazed at what this bag can do!


Some questions in life are easy to answer. At least, we want to believe they are. We created a world in which we can come off as we want. We grew up and learned that we can achieve our dreams and become whatever we want to be. And then I started wondering, is that indeed so? Is everything what it seems to be?! Is this outfit just a denim dress with UGG Australia boots and a multi coloured backpack? And when I look in the mirror, can I assume that my life is obvious, also if I had been born in another place? We’ll… it is not. Did you know that every two minutes one woman dies from complications related to pregnancy or childbirth? So no, I guess that safely growing up in a loving and caring family is not self-evident; life at all is clearly not apparent.

So why am I writing this cheerless story and ask you all these difficult questions? Because I think it is time to take a moment and look closely at the bag that I carry. Because – no, this is not just a multi coloured backpack, it is a bag that makes every mother count!

You might know the brand TOMS for the famous One for one-principle with its shoe and eyewear collection. A TOMS bag helps making pregnancy and childbirth safe for a mother in need. Each of the bags in the collection are inspired by the styles and textiles seen in the places where they help. With every bag you purchase, TOMS will support providing a cautious delivery for a mother and a baby by assisting TOMS’ Giving Partners (nonprofit, humanitarian partners) in providing training for skilled attendants and distributing birth kits. Will you join TOMS in helping improving lives?

Get the look: TOMS backpack, denim shirt dress, and UGG Australia boots.


– Pics by Michiel Goudswaard

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