Our PERFECT pre wedding dinner!


Our PERFECT pre wedding dinner!

Even though I’m not officially married yet, you must allow me to give you one advice. If you are happily engaged, please consider to organise a pre wedding dinner (or rehearsal dinner) for your closest family and friends. Normally such a dinner is held the night before the wedding (which would be tonight in our situation), but we decided to do our pre wedding dinner last Saturday so there would be enough time to recover and get ready for the big W-day. It was truly the perfect celebration to kick off our marriage and it became a whole party on its own. We are very thankful that my parents were willing to host and organise such an amazing dinner. During this night there will be plenty of time for personal, funny and sweet speeches of fathers, mothers, grandparents, brothers, sisters, friends and – of course – the happy couple themselves. With these pictures below I have tried to give you an idea of the atmosphere, decoration and happiness during this wonderful night! Words can never explain how grateful I am for all the love, surprises and words of our beloved ones and how excited I am for what is going to happen tomorrow: our Wedding day! I sincerely hope that each of you may experience the luck, thrill and happiness I feel right now as well one day soon..!



Wedding table decoration


Watching & clearly enjoying a movie that had been made by all the guests of the wedding!


Table is ready..!


Starters are ready!


Smiling because of what my brothers were saying in their speech


My girls!!!


The speech for the man of my dreams!


Big kiss after my speech!


And my family concluded the wonderful evening full of speeches and surprises with a song




A night to always remember..!


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