Happy Birthday Chanel!

Happy Birthday Chanel!

Bag at You - Chanel - WalkingBag at You - Chanel - Look awayBag at You - Chanel - FreezingBag at You - Chanel - Walk awayBag at You - Chanel BagBag at You - Chanel callingBag at You - Chanel Crossing streetBag at You - Chanel SmileBag at You - Chanel walkingThe iconic Chanel 2.55 celebrates her 60th birthday this month! Coco Chanel was a real fashion pioneer and was known for her liberated ideas about women’s fashion in the post World-War I era as her couture clothing could be described as casual chic, she did not use any corset silhouette in her designs and she created a bag that would free your hands (i.e. using thin straps, similar to the way the soldiers carried their bag at that time). In 1950s, the innovative French fashion designer decided that it was time to update this shoulder bag which resulted in this classic double flap bag that was created in February 1955 (model 2.55)

Since this bag is available in the market it is admired by all fashionista’s. Name a celebrity and you will find a picture of her holding her precious container. Whether it is combined with a classic dress or a casual jeans, during summer or winter, in a club or on the streets, and whether it is raining or a sunny day: this bag completes your look! This is the bag that every women should have – a real It-bag though, so it might be on your wishlist. This bag is stunning, timeless and teams with almost every outfit!

I combined this Chanel 2.55 – which I borrowed from the very sweet Henriette (remember here from this post?) – with some of my favorite items in my closet: Pepe Jeans jeans, Topshop jacket (now in sale) and the best biker boots (get similar here)! What do you think of this combination?

If you love this bag just as much as I do, I might see you at the exhibition in the Tassenmuseum Hendrikje (Herengracht 573, Amsterdam) that puts this Chanel 2.55 in center stage as from 1 February to 3 May!

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– Photos by Valentine Weehuizen – 

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