No bag no story!

No bag no story!

It’s time to express my passion, to follow my dream, to do something different, to jump into the unknown..! Today is the day that I launch my blog: Bag at You! It is amazing that you already found this online magazine in this infinite world of fashion! And it makes me so happy that you will be joining me on this ride!

You may wonder, why bags? The thing is that people can really say a lot about a woman by looking in her wardrobe in combination with the hair and make-up. However, adding the bag, you can tell the whole story. Your bag completes your look and style. Your bag carries your world and you would be lost without this accessory..!

So follow this blog and we may together enjoy the journey through the endless world of bags, including containers, handbags, bum or belt bags, evening bags, shoulder bags, clutches, pochettes, suitcases, boxes, valises, duffles, overnight bags/weekenders, sport bags, tote bags, beach bags, backpacks, shoppers… So there will be lots and lots to talk about:)! And besides bags, there are many other things someone like you will never have enough off. So prepare yourself as well for exciting stories about fashionlifestyle and travel so you can grab your bag and go to..!

My passion, my love and my energy will keep on boosting this blog. So stay tuned and get inspired!

To give you an idea of my style, you see a small selection of my closet in the picture above. In addition, the below picture discloses a few bags that make my wish list grow as well as the Shop that will be updated every now and then. Let me know what you think? You can shout in the below whether you love (or alternately hate) the bag!

No bag no story teaser

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