The love lock!

The love lock!


This is a special day! One for which I have been very excited a long time now! One of my best friends is getting married and I have a very special part in this wedding as her best (wo)man! And as a symbol for their love, I have locked a patlock on this bridge (the love lock). Obviously, the outfit in the picture is not what I will be wearing today even though it is the perfect outfit for any other day this time of year. A flashing color to make these grey and dark days a little brighter and a big oversized sweater that is very soft and comfortable. I also hope that this look emphasises that the box bag trend is the perfect one to follow this winter. As this article will tell you (Box bags), this trend is on this season and that it is going to continue during Spring/Summer. This box is perfect in my opinion as it has my favourite python print, a perfect mix of colors, two compartments and a shoulder strap as well as a handle. What do you think of this bag and outfit? And have you ever locked a love lock on a bridge?

Bag-at-you---fashion-blog---Streetstyle-amsterdam-winter-round-bagBag-at-you---fashion-blog---Round-bag-trend-animal-print Bag-at-you---fashion-blog---Round-bag-trend-winter-outfitBag-at-you---fashion-blog---Round-bag-trend Bag-at-you---fashion-blog---Round-bag-trend-winter-skirt

Get the look: ASOS Snakeskin Box shoulder bag, Tiffy heels, blue skirt (similar here) and oversized jumper (similar one here). Nails by Pebbles.


– Pictures by Cotton & Cream

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