The bag of… Raspberry & Rouge[[/ban-do/ban-do-ticket-stripe-canvas-shopper-bag/prod/pgeproduct.aspx&iid=5656072&clr=Multi&SearchQuery=canvas+bag&pgesize=36&pge=0&totalstyles=53&gridsize=3&gridrow=11&gridcolumn=1]]

The bag of… Raspberry & Rouge

This girl is one to love and one of my greatest inspirations as she is very stylish, successful, independent and has both a stunning appearance and a beautiful personality. She will always take the time to help out a friend, no matter how busy her schedule. It was approximately 8 year ago when Rebecca Laurey moved in our student ‘mansion’ in Leiden and she immediately stood out between those 21 girls. And still, she managed to catch the eyes of so many people, that her blog is one of the most prominent in the world. Raspberry & Rouge comprises all about fashion, lifestyle and travelling. Each and every day a new article is up with great styling advice, blogger tips, personal editorials as well as advertorials. But most of all, you will find mind-blowing pictures; true work of art (really, just take a look on her Instagram)! So yes, I saved the best for last! Are you ready for the last interview of 2015? Here is everything about the bag of Raspberry & Rouge!

What is the story between you and the bag in the pictures?

I have this little love affair with my Topshop bag. I got it about a year ago, and I still wear it every so many days. It’s probably one of the cheapest bags I own and definitely the most worn. I never expected sequins to be so versatile, but because it’s a silver colored bag it basically works with everything in my wardrobe.

What can we find in your bag?

My iPhone, I never leave the house without it. Also my little wallet, I switched from a big one to a small one early this year and I can’t even imagine using my old one anymore. The advantage of using a tiny wallet is that it fits in every bag, and thus it’s easy to just throw in whatever I’m taking for the day. I usually bring Rosebud cream too, perfect for a little lip touch up here and there.

Do you prefer carrying a classy designer bag or a striking statement piece?

I usually use a striking statement piece. A bag can instantly upgrade your outfit, and since I’m not the one for a lot of accessories my bag is an important part in my looks. I am currently looking for a very classic Chanel that works with everything, so who knows I’ll switch it up some time soon.

Which bag is on top of your wish list?

A classic vintage Chanel bag. A piece that will work with all my outfits for many years to come. I’ve always wanted one and I feel like it’s almost time to finally get it! I’m not entirely sure what model I want to opt for though, so until then I won’t make a move. I navigating strongly towards the classic flap bag now, who knows!

You are married to your true love; what is the perfect man bag in your opinion?

My man doesn’t really use bags apart from backpacks, but I know he really wants a vintage Louis Vuitton to travel with. I think it’s a very classy piece to have as a man.

Who is the coolest person you met due to your blogger career?

It’s hard to choose just one person, but I’m most thankful for the good friends I have now, girls that I met since I started blogging. Because they basically do what I do, we understand each other. Sometimes it’s hard to explain what it is that I do exactly to people that are not familiar with blogging. My friends get that, and thus we don’t feel the need to talk about it all the time – which is great, because in the end there’s more to life than work!

You & New York are obviously a love story. What is that drives you crazy about that city?

I love New York City for the vibe out there, it’s always busy and buzzing. It’s a great city where I feel I can be myself, so many new things to discover. My fave thing to do when I’m off is discovering cute brunch places. So much to choose from!

What is the most beautiful spot you have visit so far and which destination is on top of your bucket list?

The most beautiful place I’ve been is South Africa. My husband was born there, and thus we have a special relationship with the country. I’ve been there several times already and can’t wait to go back next year. It just keeps on pulling us back, our fave holiday destination! Mexico and Japan are topping my travel list now, and fortunately I’ll be ticking one of those of my list very soon. I’m heading to Mexico in a few weeks and I can’t wait! I’m in desperate need of some downtime with my man and one of my best friends. Quality time is everything!


P.s. Picture from Raspberry & Rouge, shot by Ralph Felix Photography.
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