The bag of… The trend attendant!


The bag of… The trend attendant!


Like the name of this blog reveals, The Trend Attendant is edited by a very fashionable flight attendant. Mishanou, who works for KLM, considers the world as her office. She has the most beautiful curls and is obsessed with macarons, denim and Chanel. This beautiful woman is a real globetrotter and visits new places every month which enables her to shop in every corner of the planet. Her blog is about all the things she loves, including fashion, travel, shopping and a healthy way of living. Last Friday I was able to catch up with her and I just couldn’t keep my eyes of her bag. It is a very special one, in all aspects. So trust me when I say that you do want to know everything about the bag of… The Trend Attendant!


What is story of the bag of the trend attendant?

A while ago I had pinned this vintage Chanel make up bag on my Pinterest wall, which acts as a kind of personal wish list. Now that I have a huge weakness for vintage items I always look for new vintage stores to discover whenever I arrive at a destination for my work. And I also did that when I flew to Tokyo. When I first passed by the upscale vintage store, I immediately noticed this Chanel Make-up bag in the window. However, I had already spent all my shopping money in this very expensive city so all I took was a business card. When I came back in the Netherlands, I couldn’t get it out of my mind and requested another flight to the capital of Japan. So a few weeks later, I returned but I was so excited that I got lost. However, determined to find my perfect bag, I started to ask around whether anyone knew the store on the business card. Eventually someone was able to show me the way and personally took me to this store. And there it was, waiting for me… Today I love wearing this bag as a evening bag because I think it would be a pity to use it as a make-up bag.

How many bags do you have in your collection?

Well, not too many actually. I approximately buy one bag a year. My Goyard shopper is always with me as I use it for everything, including the gym or to carry my groceries. And two years I bought my Chanel Jumbo  in the P.C. Hooftstraat (more about her bags here).


How would you describe your own style?

I love mixing three styles: classy, fierce and sexy. All with a touch of bohemian, which is probably the result of all my travels. And I also love the clean Scandinavian style.

Who is your style icon?

Julie from Sincerely Jules is very humble and has a pure taste in fashion, which I appreciate a lot. And Tash Sefton from the Australian bloggers duo We both share a big love for ripped denim and beautiful accessories. I always feel like her wardrobe could be mine.


Why did you started blogging?

Well, one day I was approached via Instagram to become a guest blogger for another website. I really enjoyed doing that but when they reversed their focus on fashion moms, I found it hard to identify myself with that blog. So I thought, let’s give it a go myself. And which name would be better than The Trend Attendant?

What is your favourite destination?

Los Angeles is a real fashion hub with a lot of creative people. It is a very good spot to build your network, to gain inspiration and with the weather is always good. My favourite placed to go in LA are Urth cafe en Café Graditude. And I also really love going to New York and Curacao.


What can always be found in your suitcase?

My allround-Goyard-bag, my Chanel espadrilles as these flat shoes are ideal to discover new cities, my hair products and my denim jacket because you never know when it’s getting chilly in a new city.

Which country has the best and which country has the worst taste in fashion?

Sweden!! The Swedish people have a absolutely the best tast in fashion. Canada is in my opinion the least inspiring destination for fashion.

Are you a off- or online shopper?

Offline! I need to feel it, try it on, looks how it fits. And I really hate sending packages back via post. So yes, I happily visit the store itself.



Thank you so much Mishanou for telling us all about your favourite bag! If you want to know more, please visit

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