The bag of… Daphisticated!


The bag of… Daphisticated!

Meet Daphne, the lifestyle provocateur that is enriching the web with stories on her blog containing her beautiful looks, best kept beauty secrets, favourite hotspots and her lifestyle memoirs. Since a few weeks, she is also the new girl for ‘elke dag een look’ by Fashionchick that is presented at Dutch television (Net5). She is a real coffee lover during day time, but prefers bubbles at night. She loves travelling and lives life to the fullest. Do you want to learn more about this beauty, please read on and find out all about the bag of Daphisticated!


What is the story between you and the bag in the pictures?

This is my ultimate It-bag that I bought together with my mother and sister. As we share the bag, it becomes a lot more fun and cheaper. I love the fact I have a sister and mother with the same taste. But on the other hand, who doesn’t love Chanel…?

What can we find in your bag?

Always have my iPhone, lip balm, chewing gum, compact powder – Estee Laude rand my business cards from Daphisticated with me.


How many bags do you have in your collection?

It might suprise you but there are 5 bags that I use at the moment. The bags I don’t wear I give to my sister.

Do you prefer a classic designer bag over a striking statement piece or more the other way around?

I’ll go for the classic designer bag.  I’m the kind of girl that gets really bored from a bag that is slightly out of the box. I just love a classic bag that is timeless and more elegant.

Which bag is on top of your wish list? 

Wallet on Chain (W.O.C.) by Chanel!!


Would you possibly want to share your beauty secret?

A very uninteresting but very effecting one: Drink a lot of water!

Who is your style icon and who is your favourite blogger?

The style of Jacey Duprie is amazing! And very cliche but I love O.P. of course. Also Leandra Medine from the Man Repeller. She gets away with everything.

What is the most beautiful spot you have visit so far and which destination is on top of your bucket list?

Aruba is actually my second home. I have been there about 15 times. It is amazing, especially under the water (‘scubadiving-nerd’ over here). And to give you some contrast I’ll choose the most fancy hotel ever. Chateau Monfort in Milan. A hotel that make all your dreams come true. Like the mimosa bar and the glitter shower in the SPA. No big talk here! Check it out here: Once upon a time in Milano.


Thank you very much for this great interview Daphne and I really hope to see you again soon! If you want to stay up to date, you can follow her on Instagram or blog!

P.s. Pictures credits to Daphisticated
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