I am just thrilled to publish this interview with a very dear and special friend! When we met in Leiden 10 years ago, I was immediately impressed by Charlotte. I thought of her as a hotshot, not only because she was very beautiful and stylish, but also because I saw her as a very ambitious person who knew exactly what she wanted, and – even more admirable – how to get it. So now, after she has been blogging for THEFASHIONGUITAR for five years, this dashing girl has definitely lived up to my expectations. As you might know, she now lives in New York and has worked with brands as Sophia Webster, Kenzo, H&M USA and Jimmy Choo. According to Harper’s BAZAAR, you should be following her Instagram, and I couldn’t agree more, if only because Charlotte is sharing her amazing bag collection on that feed on a daily basis. And talking about bags, let’s get into ‘The bag of THEFASHIONGUITAR‘!

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So tell us, how many bags do you have in your collection?

I wouldn’t know how many exactly, but I’ve surely collected quite a few bags over the past five years, ranging from Zara to Chanel. 

What is the story about your & the bag in the pictures?

It’s not a super exciting story, but I did a collaboration during NYFW last February with an online store who specializes in pre-owned luxury products, and I got this bag as payment for our collaboration.

And which items can we find in your bag?

Never leaving the house without my phone, lip balm, hand cream, portable charger, sunglasses, and wallet.

How would you define your own style?

A mix of designers and high-street.

Which bag can not be absent in your life?

I truly love all the bags I own, and would never sell any of them. But I think especially the Chanel bags are key pieces in my wardrobe. They are iconic and will never go out of fashion. Plus, there’s nothing better than a pair of jeans and sweater, finished of with a Chanel!

Do you prefer offline or online shopping? 

Online, always!

What is your favourite hotspot in New York?

I love to eat at the Waverly Inn, and get love to get a coffee at Starbucks – a tall black Americano, iced in summer time. For lunch I always go to Soho House or Bluestone Lane.

Which bag has been added to your wish list?

A Mark Cross.

What do you think is the It-Bag of this moment? 

Right now I think we should all have a Loewe puzzle bag, or a Chloe Hudson!


Thank you so much Charlotte for taking the time to answer all these questions in your very busy schedule. We wish you all the luck with your adorable little family and your fashion blog in New York!

P.s. For more pictures of this bag of THEFASHIONGUITAR, click here.
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