Get smart about getting fit with Samsung!


Get smart about getting fit with Samsung!

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Exactly two weeks ago I was super excited as I was invited to attend the launch party of Samsung. It was my first blogger event in San Francisco and as this city is the capital of tech, it was no surprise that it had something to do with electronics. After I was picked up by my driver, Enrico who drove a big American car, I arrived at Central Kitchen in the Mission district. We were welcomed with champagne as we were celebrating the release of two new devices: the Samsung Gear Fit2 and IconX. And today I’m very excited again as these two devices just got released and I can finally tell you all about their features!

Samsung Gear Fit2 and IconX

These two devices are new fitness trackers that get you smart about getting fit. These devices follow the smart and curved design of the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, which could be a compatible phone for the initial pairing with the new gear. The Gear Fit2 is worn as a watch and comes in three colours (black, blue and pink – my favourite one obviously). After your phone has been connected with S Health and Gear Fit2 (or IconX, see below), it recognizes exercises so you can track your activities like your distance and heart rate, even if you’re not walking or running. Because it has GPS, you can map your runs, walks and jogs on the tracker’s screen. It even allows you to stay connected on the track and at the gym as you will receive your calls and texts anywhere your phone is in Bluetooth range.

The other gadget that got released today is the Gear IconX: wireless earbuds that are playing your favourite music from your phone or Gear Fit2. These earbuds can easily be controlled by pressing the button on the outer of the earbud. They are completely cordless and resistant to water and dust. And after your work-out you can house them in a charging case. Now you can listen to your favourite music while your bluetooth earbuds keep track of your health as well!

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

I can tell you, the new Samsung Gear 2016 gadgets are on top of my wishlist. Maybe also because I have had the chance to use the new Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. As I am quite a loyal Apple lover, I was a bit sceptic at first. But I have to admit that this Samsung smartphone truly is a terrific phone and quickly stole my heart. Besides the fact that its looks are very fashionable, the screen is super big and shows beautiful colours. The camera was the first thing I tried and the results were very impressive. As we were having a five-course dinner, I immediately noticed that it takes post-worthy pictures at night as it has an advanced sensor for catching details in low light and a fast auto-focus for photos with less blur. But also in daylight, you almost can’t tell the difference in terms of quality from a SLR camera (check out this article: Painted Ladies). What also makes me very happy is the fact that you don’t have to worry about any water spills, splashes and dunks. And that is great news for a clumsy girl like me now that summer is coming. The battery also lasts very long and the best of all is that even though it has a very big screen it will fit any purse as it has a curved and slim design! Keep an eye on my Instagram as you will see a lot of pictures passing by in the coming months made with the #samsunggalaxys7edge.

Thank you very much for having me Samsung & congratulations with the launch of these amazing devices! I really enjoyed the release party as well as my new phone!


– Hope you enjoyed this post! Big Xx, Susanne –

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