Walk into the room and own it!


Walk into the room and own it!


You are a go-getter, have a strong personality and are unstoppable. You have the beauty and the brains, are wise in disguise and you are living the dream. Your career is blooming, men go crazy for you and you never miss a party with your friends. You are young, wild at heart and you never leave the house without your laptop. You live your life to the max and you are always – always – ready for the next adventure.


ROSE + NINE is an Amsterdam bag label that has been set up by two women that are the same as you. They know exactly what you need if you want to walk into a room and own it. You need a bag that will empower you to control every affair, a bag that shows your style and signature. Like the GET SET – laptop shoulder bag that I carry in the pictures. It has the perfect mix of function and style and is ideal to use while you are working or out to have some fun. This bag is handmade in Italy with the main purpose to protect your laptop or tablet. As you can tell from the pictures, only the softest cowhide leather has been used. And to add a personal edge and distinguish yourself from other ladies, you can change the straps by using the ROSE + NINE hardware.


This bag is fashionable and refined, exclusive and perfect to carry every day… and night! It enables you not to be stopped by misfortunes or bad luck; no… With this bag, you can put on a smile and keep up the positive attitude. Because no one can reach to top without a little hiccup. Like the ladies of ROSE + NINE, who also had to go through some inconveniences after a big part of the stock of beautiful bags was robbed from their office. But instead of panic or tears, they are spinning it into a positive… Because even though there is no stock, you can still pre-order your beautiful, exclusive and personal laptop bag at the store in De 9 Straatjes (Huidenstraat 13) that will have the ROSE + NINE bags in their collection as from May 9th – 16th. And trust me, these desirable bags are truly worth the wait, just like you.

Bag-at-you---Fashion-blog---Dutchblogger Bag-at-you---Fashion-blog---Rose-and-Nine---GET-SET-Laptop-Shoulder-Bag Bag-at-you---Fashion-blog---Rose-and-Nine---GET-SET-Laptop-Shoulder-Bag Bag-at-you---Fashion-blog---Rose-and-Nine---leather-laptop-bags Bag-at-you---Fashion-blog---Rose-and-Nine-Bag---Business-woman Bag-at-you---Fashion-blog---Rose-and-Nine-Bag---Business Bag-at-you---Fashion-blog---Rose-and-Nine-Shoulder-Bag

Get the look: Rose + Nine GET SET – Laptop Shoulder Bag, Leather trousers and blouse via LENA, Shawl by Mark van Gennip and shoes by Adolfo Dominguez. Nails by Pebbles.


– Pictures by Michiel Goudswaard – 

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