Trend – Food Shaped Bags


Trend – Food Shaped Bags

Be careful now; you might get hungry after seeing these food shaped bags. We continue the quirky trend on a whole new level. We all love food, especially when it looks good. And this season you can actually carry some real #foodporn. Kate Spade teamed up with the famous Magnolia Bakery and created a very good looking cupcake clutch and a delicious slice of a big cake. And Betsey Johnson again made an exuberant and over the top food shaped bag, being an original lollipop design. The playful Cheeseburger and Pizza bags by Patricia Chang are also very appealing. Finally the London based Skinny Dip also designed a very cool food shaped sunny-side-up bag. If you are in doubt whether this trend will work for you, check out the amazing bags in the picture above of the beautiful Rebecca who is a style consultant and blogger for Winnipeg Style. Which one is your favourite and would you dare to wear one this Spring/Summer?


Betsey Johnson – Kitsch spinning Lollipop

Kate Spade – Magnolia Bakery Slice 


Patricia Chang – Cheeseburger bag


Skinny Dip – Yolky Onon Cross Body Bag


Kate Spade – Cupcake purse


Patricia Chang Bag – Pizza Wristlet


P.s. Picture credits in the featured image go to Winnipeg Style.
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