Giveaway: Upgrade your workspace!


Giveaway: Upgrade your workspace!

Whether you have an office job or are a freelancer, whether it’s full or part time and whether you are a banker or fashion editor, you’ll need a workspace. And whether you have the corner office, a flexible workspace or work from home, you’ll need a desk. I personally like a clean, personal and inspiring desk. If you are coffee-addict, your coffee cup will be on the table and if you are pretty old-school, paper will  be decorating the rest of your desk. As a bagaholic I always have a bag on my desk to be inspired at all times as well as a notebook as I still love to write my ideas down. But as we are living in 2016, our desk is also filled with electronics such as a laptop and smartphone. We obviously want to do everything to make our job as much fun as possible! And in order to achieve get that fun factor on your desk, you should definitely join this giveaway!


How to upgrade your workspace?!

Together with Case App, an online platform where you can create your own protectors for your most important devices, we organize a new giveaway on this blog! Like me, you will be able to design your custom iPhone case and custom macbook skin! You can create your own design with your photos or you can use pre-designed cases as a basis. My skin is a picture from the most beautiful day of my life, our wedding (we celebrate our 6-months of marriage today!). But for the iPhone case I browsed the designs of Case App. I loved the Black White Gold case. To make the case more personal, I added a fun sticker in the right corner.


Giveaway with Case App

So to help you to upgrade your workspace as well, Case App and Bag at you will giveaway a custom iPhone case and a custom laptop skin by Case App. So how do you win this giveaway?

1) Leave a comment in the below and your email address so I can contact you in case you win;
2) Comment on the Facebook post; and
2) Follow Bag at You on Bloglovin Instagram.

That’s all! I will announce the winner on 21 September so stay tuned!

So lovely ladies!! As promised I would pick a winner tonight in New York! First of all, thank you so much for joining this giveaway:)! Unfortunately there was only one woman who could win this giveaway… And that is: Anamika!! Congratulations and I really hope that you will design the most beautiful case and skin by Case App! And please head over to my Instagram Stories (Bag at You) to see my announcement!



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