The most beautiful day of my life!!


The most beautiful day of my life!!


How to describe the most beautiful day of your life with the man of your dreams surrounded by all the people you love most while you are wearing the most gorgeous gown ever?!! I find it actually very hard to find the right words to tell you about our magnificent wedding day. I could never have imagined that one day could be filled with so much love, so much beauty and so much emotions. Our wedding was magical and so much more than what we could have wished for. I am very grateful that we were able to celebrate our love with our dearest friends and family. They witnessed how the greatest guy in the world and I got lost in the moment when we promised to be each other’s husband and wife, for better and for worse. And for that reason, they have also become a part of our love story that started in Amsterdam five years ago. I am truly the happiest girl in the world and I so look forward to growing old with him, entering into new adventures, waking up next to him and giving him my love for the rest of my life. As a picture can say more than a 1000 words, I want to show you a few photos that capture the precious moments of our most cherished wedding on 12 March! And of course, I finally show you – at the request of many – my gorgeous wedding gown as well <3


Getting dressed by my mother, grandmother and twin-sister!


The champagne with my best friends right before I walked down the stairs!


After I walked down the stairs and jumped into his arms for a big kiss!


Our love shoot on the Amsterdam canals!


I loved my wedding gown so much! It was the most beautiful dress & veil that I’ve ever seen. It was love at first side when I tried it on at La Bella Blanca in Zwolle! Read all about how I said yes to the dress in this article!


Walking down the aisle with the best father in the world!


Right after we said the words: Yes, I do


Mr. & Mrs. Bavinck!


Our sweet table with all the cakes baked with love by my friends and family


Colorful love at the fair!


Our opening dance!!

Bag-at-you---wedding-danceBag-at-you---Bride-and-groom---first-danceBag at you - wedding party

 – Big kiss from Mrs. Bavinck 

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