Why everyone should have a leather bag!


Why everyone should have a leather bag!

Leather bags are a beloved accessory by both men and women. It is therefore not without reason that these leather items are for sale in many different stores like chic boutiques as well as department stores, vintage shops and any street market you’ll visit. There is not a city in the world that forms an exception: you’ll find beautiful leather pieces in both Marrakesh and Buenos Aires as well as Madrid and Bangkok. I would therefore not be surprised if you have a leather bag in your collection. And I can say that I fully support the fact that you would have at least one in your wardrobe, as if only for the following five reasons:

BLeather bags street style

A leather bag never gets out of style!

We bet that your grandma also had a leather bag in her collection when she was your age and she still loves carrying one. Because since that the handbag was designed in the 19th century, leather has been one of the favorite materials to use by designers. It is a very sturdy material, flexible, timeless and good quality. Because of these characteristics designers are able to create many different bags in various sizes, styles, colors and models that will never get out of style. Do you remember the article in which I carried my grandmother’s bag: The family jewel bag. You have to admit, that it still perfectly pairs with today’s fashion!

Leather bags street style

The leather bags is made of very good quality!

As explained in the first reason, leather is a very strong and natural material. You’ll be therefore secured of a very high quality bag. This material only gets more beautiful and obtains more character after using it for years. It is not without reason why vintage shops are filled with these type of bags.

Leather bags street style

A leather bag matches with every outfit!

A leather bag pairs well with a casual, nonchalant, tough, chic or an elegant look. This accessory goes well with ripped jeans, an oversized sweater, a little black dress or any colorful summer dress. Whether it is summer or winter, day or night time, up- or downtown, this bag will be a perfect match. You’ll see that in many cultures with the appropriate regional attire the leather bag is a commonly used accessory.

Leather bags street style

A leather bag can contribute to a better world!

Many bag labels have a very sustainable and social character because the fashion label that creates those bags, only have employees that earn honest wages and make bags from ecological leather. This way these bags are able to contribute to a better world. Don’t you want to be spotted with such a beautiful sustainable bag as supporter.

Leather bags street style

The perfect bag for you!

Leather bags are available in many models, sizes, styles and colours. As you can see in the pictures above, you can carry a leather backpack, bump bag, handbag, bucket bag and shoulder bag. As set out in this article, What your bag says about your personality, a bag can reveal a lot about one’s character. And with the perfect leather bag, you will be able to find a lifetime-companion that perfectly fits your personality. So make sure you don’t just buy a leather bag, just try to find the leather bag to add to your collection. If you already found your perfect leather carrier, please let me know in a comment below what you love so much about it!

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