Juuty bags from Bangladesh


Juuty bags from Bangladesh


On Monday I was invited to celebrate the 10th edition of MINT on the Modefabriek in Amsterdam, the b2b platform for sustainable fashion & lifestyle at the biannual fair during which different labels present their new collections to retailers, press, stylists and other professionals. Besides the celebrations I was very anxious to check out the new collection of the eco-friendly fashion brands. And when I started my round, my eyes were immediately drawn to…

Juuty bags

These bags are something I had never seen before and I was certain that it had to be something very special. At the stand of Juuty, I was kindly welcomed by Rik and Rosanne, the young, friendly and ambitious couple behind this brand. They told me that they left for a trip around the world two years ago. When they arrived in Bangladesh, they stayed there for 9 months as they came up with the idea to set up an accessories label that would improve the poor living conditions of its inhabitants. With Juuty they are able to change the lives of many Bengals and to contribute to the decrease of the pollution that the fashion industry is debet to. To achieve this, they only use eco-friendly materials as their bags are made of both jute, which is sustainable and very soft, and ecologically tanned leather. With the characteristic mirror, the fierce orange lining and practical features, the Juuty bags are a true original, exclusive and high quality accessory.


But there is more. Rik and Rosanne believe that it takes a little extra to achieve a better world than simply using superior and environment friendly materials. Also the people in Bangladesh should live a better life and they therefore produce their bags in a factory that stimulates feminine labour participation and that is associated with the CBI (Ministry of Foreign Affairs). The people that work in the Juuty manufactory are well trained and are employed in good working conditions including safety, fair salary and holidays.


Apparently, I was not the only that is impressed by the Juuty bags. Because when the incorporators of Juuty visited Minister Ploumen to give her the first bag of the Juuty collection in return for her efforts in Bangladesh, they were introduced to Bill Gates. The founder of Microsoft was also very enthusiastic about their plans and they even exchanged numbers (read the full article here).


Another great thing about Juuty is that you can help the people in Bangladesh as well. Because every time Juuty sells an accessory, this brand will send a filled bag with provisions to Bangladesh. It’s a win-win, you can parade with a unique, stylish and exclusive bag while you contribute to helping the poor.



P.s. Images found on Juuty.com.
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