Fae Billy Bob Bag

Fae Billy Bob Bag

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All you need is a good statement bag, the bag that shows your style and makes you look good! The statement bag should be timeless, have a classic design and empower you to distinguish yourself from other women on the street. This purse expresses your taste and sophistication and you should be able to wear it in your every day life. You may think that a statement bag should be made by a high-end luxury brand (Hermes, Chanel or Prada) but not everyone can afford to make such an investment… I think that there are good statement bags available in each price-range and possibly more unique?!

Like the bag in the pictures, named the Billy Bob Bag by Fae. I just wear a very simple light colored jeans combined with black items, which is a common, classic, every day look. By adding this bag the look gets something special and it defines my style. The Billy Bob Bag has a clean, simple design and is still very pleasing to the eye. It is well made, has a neutral color and is meant to last a lifetime.

Fae is a new brand created by Fae van Donkersgoed in Rotterdam. When she got the assignment on the Kunst Academie to make a design of leather, she was very hesitant at first but she decided to give it a try. Obviously it was love at first side and now she doesn’t work with any other materials. She is determined to use the leather as efficient as possible and has a reluctance to wasting, especially good quality leather. That is also what you see when you look at her natural designs. The whole bag is made of one piece of leather and even the handles are cut in a way that nothing is wasted. I also love her logo which was created in 20 minutes with a logo cookie cutter.

This bag is made for women who are a fan of clean designs. It is a gift, which you either give to yourself or to someone you cherish. You can order these bags via the website of Fae (by sending her an email) or via Groos Rotterdam. Check Fae’s facebook page for more designs, because there are more Billy Bobs, a Billy Jane, handmade wallets from scrap leather in all kind of colors!

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