A little experiment with sustainable fashion!


A little experiment with sustainable fashion!


The first things people said to me when they saw me wearing this outfit was:

  • You look like a princess from the Middle Ages!
  • Are going to carnaval?
  • Wow, audacious but cool!

And what was your first thought when you saw this picture?


I must admit that it is a little experiment but that I very much like the result. And for that reason this was also one of the FashionWeek looks last weekend. Yes it is daring and possibly a bit extreme for one’s taste, but its also very original, special and quite a statement. At first I tried to combine this My Touch of Africa top with a jeans, but found it was a bit too obvious and uninventive. Moreover, I wanted to emphasise the exclusivity of the top, which is handmade in Africa and sustainable chic. Sustainable fashion and lifestyle are emerging and getting more important, not only because it contributes to a better world, but also because of the quality and style. More shops offer ‘green’ items, we had a Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week and Glamour also set a quotum of 10% of eco-friendly fashion, lifestyle and beauty per magazine. I couldn’t support this tendency more. And, what about you? Are you in for more sustainability and awareness? I could highly recommend doing so, if only because new labels are taking the industry by storm.

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Get the look: My Touch of Africa Top, Zara dress, Ana Dyla Earrings and the bag is a souvenir that I brought from Guatemala last year.


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