Vlieger & Vandam in Marrakesh


Vlieger & Vandam in Marrakesh


Today I will show you the perfect bag for a weekend trip with images that were taken at a very magical location. A very photogenic one and it is therefore not without reason that you already have seen more pictures that were taken in this city pass by on this blog.



Marrakesh got to me. It’s a totally different world with so many bright colours, literally and figuratively speaking. There are so many kind people, beautiful rituals, delicious spices and breathtaking architecture. So every day, we went out and about, strolling and wandering through the old Medina, from de Souks to the Jardin Marjorelle and from the old palaces to my favourite hotel La Mamounia. And I had obviously been looking for the perfect bag to join me at this trip.


Vlieger & Vandam purses

For a while I had been admiring the Vlieger & Vandam purses. In 2004 this label immediately made a statement with its Guardian Angel handbags featuring a distinct profile of a gun or large kitchen knife. This label  has an outspoken identity because of their embossing techniques and the use of first class leather. I guess this bag forms part of the so-called new generation luxury, meaning that it is a combination of the finest quality, craftsmanship and statement design. Vlieger & Vandam is famous for its risky embossments like the gun, knife or handcuffs. However, my favourite embossment is this Flash, forming part of their new collection of Vlieger & Vandam.



And with the perfect bag comes the perfect suit. I love this every.day.counts jumpsuit and I wore it more than once during this holiday. It is comfortable, covering which isn’t unappropriate in this culture, and stylish. And with the right jewellery, like these earrings, necklace and ring by Calvin Klein, you will look smashing in a sophisticated way. The color makes you feel fitting in this bright coloured city without being extravagant.


I can’t be perfect, but my bag can be…!


Keds sneakers

These Keds are my new favourites. This plain white shoe is the iconic American sneaker since 1916. At that time, Keds were first mass-marketed as canvas-top sneakers, which name was chosen as the rubber soles allowed sneaking around silently. And this year they celebrate their 100th birthday. These sneakers are my perfect travel companions as they are light, very small and secure a great walk through the entire day.


And tell me, which outfit is your number 1 and what do you think of this Zipped Purse Flash by Vlieger & Vandam


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