Fashionable alternative for plastic bags

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Fashionable alternative for plastic bags

You probably didn’t miss the latest fuss about the amount of waste of plastic bags. This commotion exploded after the European Parliament set a maximum of 90 plastic bags per person by the end of 2019. Apparently a European person uses approximately 198 plastic bags in 2010, of which 90% are lightweight plastic bags that can’t be reused and therefore more likely to litter the environment and strongly pollute water and aquatic ecosystems. It was calculated that eight billion of these plastic bags end up as landfill, which takes more than 1000 years to be breaked down. Although these numbers are quite outdated, the European Parliament tweeted on 28 April that it approved new legislation for the decline of plastic bags. The Parliament voted that the Union States should reduce the consumption of these polluting bags by (i) cutting down the annual average use or (ii) setting a ban for free handout of these plastic bags. It is time & necessary to do this as plastic bags form an enourmous threat to our nature and health. But also for the other creatures living on this planet, like different birds, cows and turtles, this chemical bag is very dangerous as you can see in this picture (source).

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Despite the fact that rules have been set on European level, I think it is a good idea to consider this misuse ourselves. On the 3rd of July we have the so-called International Plastic Bag Free Day. A whole day without plastic bags. But that is not enough! Apart from the fact that it causes severe pollution, such a bag is unpractical as the chances are high that this bag breaks along the way. Moreover there is absolutely nothing fancy or stylish about such a white/green thin bag. For these reasons I am always looking for fashionable alternatives and today I share my latest discovery! Check it out and fashionably make a difference to our environment.


Bag all is a New York based company with a unique eco-friendly idea to reduce litter by making stylish, affordable and reusable fabric tote bags, gift bags and travel/storage bags. This is a trendy and effective way to reduce the use of plastic bags. These bags are very light and sustainable, easy to fold so you can carry this bag in your handbag, very strong, stylish, available in all kind of shapes and seizes and washable. In the below are some items I picked out from their fabulous collection. Which one would you choose? Remember that Bag-all has free shipping worldwide on order over US$ 75.

Bag at You - Fashion Blog - Fashionable alternatives for plastic bags - Bag-all - Tote Bags

 World Traveller Tote bag in 100% cotton canvas is the perfect size for shopping

Bag at You - Fashionable alternatives for plastic bags - Bag all

Purse organiser 4-pack – organizing bags

Bag at You - Fashionable alternatives for plastic bags - Bag all - Gifts bags

Gift bags 7-pack – gift bags

Bag at You - Fashionable alternatives for plastic bags - Bag all - Favorite cotton bags

Handbag Organising bag, Wine bag love and Letter bag B 

Bag at You - Fashionable alternatives for plastic bags - Bag all - Woman Travel bags

Woman travel bags

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P.s. 2 Featured image was found at Adjacent Government.

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