Curls, Curls, Baby!


Curls, Curls, Baby!


You always want something you don’t have, right? Something that you long for, and something that you admire from someone else. So when you have straight hair like me, you want to have wavy hair! I absolutely adore ladies with beautiful curls, including those of my best friend, Nathalie (remember the article she wrote about bags?). Yes, I even go sleeping hoping that I will wake up with beautiful beach waves in my blonde hair. But that – of course – never happened.


Hair Styler in mail box!

But then this straightening iron arrived in my mail box. After I unpacked the box I immediately had to give it a try. It appeared to be super easy to use and it didn’t damage my hair as the iron features a Diamond Hi Tech which protects the oils and moisture in my hair. Only five minutes later I was ready to go to my dinner party.


If you also dream of curly hair like me, I suggest you try this hair styler! In only a few minutes you have have beautiful curly waves as well as healthy, shiny and frizz free hair. It does everything you want and my hair gets super soft and flowing! I did not even have to use a spray. I guess you will see me a lot more often with curls on this blog!



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