Sleeping with Puckababy ♥


Sleeping with Puckababy ♥

When I found out that I was pregnant, I was obviously thrilled and over excited that we were expecting a little bundle of joy (more here: pregnancy announcement). I remember my happiness and ‘my all day every day’ day-dreaming about our little future family. I was just over the moon. But besides feelings of joy, there were insecurities as well, e.g. whether my baby would be healthy, I could keep him safe and he would be a good sleeper? There are several baby sleep horror stories and I wanted to do everything I could to make sure my baby would be safe, comfortable and warm while he would be sleeping. I decided to go on a little mission and did my research. Soon enough, I discovered Puckababy that offers unique, safe and beautiful sleeping bags for babies, toddlers and infants. After I read the reviews from the parents, I was sold and knew that this would be the perfect sleeping solution for my baby boy.

Bag-at-you---Motherhood---Puckababy-miniBag-at-you---Motherhood---Puckababy-Piep-2 Bag-at-you---Motherhood---Puckababy-Piep

Puckababy sleeping bags

Right after Boudewijn was born, we started swaddling him in the Puckababy Piep. It looked really comfortable and it made Boudewijn very calm and relaxed. He slept most of the nights from 7pm to 4am and then – after milk – until 7:30am. When he was 3 months, we moved on to the Puckababy Mini, made from a super soft and warm Teddy material as it was December. This is when he started sleeping throughout the whole night (YAY!). It’s ideal to help making the switch from swaddle towards normal sleeping bags. The Mini and Piep both fit around the baby as a lovely, sweet cocoon. It is like unwrapping a little precious gift, every morning when you get him out of his Piep or Mini. But now he turned 6 months, we had to go one step further for our big boy with the Bag 4 seasons. Boudewijn can grow into this sleeping bag and we will use it for the coming 2 years. No matter the season, as you can change this sleeping bag in a flash. You can take out the teddy when Spring comes or make it sleeveless by using the zippers for Summer. We picked the Chicago print but there are a lot of other fun prints to choose from.

Bag-at-you---Mom-blog---Puckababy-4-seasons Bag-at-you---Mom-blog---Puckababy-Four-seasons


As there are so many great experiences, advices and reviews to share from parents and professionals, Puckababy launched their special Puckapedia page. This is a kind of Wikipedia with all the answers to your questions about your baby sleeping. Thanks to this page and the sleeping bag, Boudewijn wakes up every morning with a big and sweet smile on his face. Besides his smile is the cutest thing to look at, I also feel proud as my mission to getting my baby to sleep in the best, safest and warmest way, is accomplished – every day again!



To celebrate Puckababy’s new Nijntje collection, you can order one of these sleeping bags in the PRE-order period until 20 May. In this period you can order the Piep, Mini and 4 Seasons Bags with 10% discount that comes with a beautiful velvet Nijntje bag. Just use the code NIJNTJE at check out! You’ll receive the sleeping bags around 20 May in your mail! Sweet dreams;)!


As always, thank you for reading! XoXo Susanne!

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