Me & the bag…it’s just not a love story

Me & the bag…it’s just not a love story

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For 8 years now, I call Suzy my best friend. And yes, we are the typical girly best friends! Every text message is filled with capital letters expressing HOW MUCH we love each other and every sentence ends with a staggering amount of exclamation marks. We often laugh about the fact that when guys would read our messages, they would yet have another confirmation that girls are really weird together. Suzy and I are the same in many ways. We love to start our days with a coffee in the sun and we love to end our nights with several empty bottles of…oh well, I guess you can fill in the dots.

There is only one thing that I will never understand: her love for bags. Aside of situations when it’s really inevitable to use a bag, I try to ignore their existence as long as possible. It’s an annoying weight on your shoulder and it gives you way too much stress. For example, when you’re standing in a checkout line with a long queue of other customers behind you, and you go into full panic mode because you can’t find your wallet. But most of all, bags have a very high ‘easy to forget somewhere’ rate.

For me a bag is just an object that can help you to solve logistical problems. There are always those days that your ‘after work’ schedule is fully planned with social activities and you don’t have time to pass home to change your outfit from a tight dress with high heels to comfortable jeans with sneakers. On those days you will see me running around with any object intended to fulfill the purpose of a bag. Mostly an old battered bag (or plastic grocery bag) that always looks like a complete failure of solving the simple deviation formula: availability of surface divided by number of objects. Because yes, even though I’m not a bag lover, I’m still a girl. So I also possess the talent of carrying unpractical items with me. However, it seems that almost all of them are indispensable or, at least…useful.

A big advantage of not using bags, is that I’m not suffering from the ‘oh I must left it in my other bag’ syndrome. The fact that my upper thigh area always looks like one big allergic reaction because of the big bumps created by my fully stashed pockets, doesn’t bother me that much. I only need a solution of my problem with having a bent, or even broken, debit card every other week. Does anyone have a good plastic card cover for me?

Even though a bag can be a perfect finishing touch for your outfit, they are just not made for me. Or will Suzy be able to convince me to think otherwise with her unique fashion style?

I certainly get inspired by this blog. Well Bestie, then the only thing left to say is: let this challenge begin!

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