From Blondie to Brunette!


From Blondie to Brunette!

I needed a change of my look! A make over; something different after being a blonde for 29 years. That is why I had been thinking about brown hair for a long time. But I never had the guts to do it nor the trust in a hair dresser to actually colour my hair. I find my hair very important, as it shows who you are and defines your every day appearance. With your hair you make the first impression, which has to be a good one of course. I didn’t dare to go to a unfamiliar hairdresser in San Francisco, but I very well knew that Cosmo Hairstyling is specialised in colouring. Cosmo believes that you can make every day a good hair day and they help you to unlock the power of your hair. So only a few days after I came back from California, I had an appointment at the beautiful flagship store at the Zuidas.


My appointment at Cosmo Hairstyling in Amsterdam

After I walked in the roomy and warm flagship store at the Zuidas in Amsterdam, I was welcomed by Jolanda with a tea and some delicious sweets. Jolanda is specialised in colouring and she immediately made me feel at ease to surrender myself to her hands to undergo the make over. I had done some research by looking at the looks on their website and I told Jolanda that I wanted to become a brunette. She loved the idea and exactly knew which colour brown would enhance my every day appearance. I was kind of nervous but Jolanda comforted me by telling me the steps and what would happen with my hair. Before we started colouring my hair, a pre pigmentation was done as I used to be blonde. Of course it takes some time before the hair has reached the perfect colour so meanwhile I was pampered with another tea, cookies and a magazine. Of course I kept on checking my hair in the mirror, as it became darker and darker. By the time my hair was at the right tone, I was completely relaxed and very exited about my new colour. Jolanda’s colleague, Courtney styled my hair and I just L O V E D it! After three hours I was ready to go and live the life of a brunette!


Why I’m a fan of Cosmo Hairstyling?!

I’m a big fan of Cosmo Hairstyling as they really look at you, at the person in the chair and take your hair to the next level which fits your lifestyle. Each of the hairdressers knows about the latest trends and are very good at touch ups, which only take them 15 minutes to make you look fashion fabulous. As you can tell from my hair, Cosmo Hairstyling is specialised in colouring. They also think along with you as they give you tips and samples to maintain your colour and haircut as long as possible. I found it a real treat to come here and I’m very happy with my make over!


Cosmo Hairstyling Zuidas, Building 1000 Mahler, Gustav Mahlerlaan, 020-8458089


Hope you enjoyed reading this article! Xx Susanne – 

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