Thanks to Vogue…


Thanks to Vogue…


Some people believe in the Bible, but I rely on Vogue.

In life you go through a lot of changes. For example, when I was younger I was a alter girl and wore a mini surplice. But soon I figured out that I was more the type of girl for mini skirts and colorful dresses like this Paul & Joe Sister dress. You understand that also the bible was soon exchanged for the Vogue. It sounds really cliche, but I can totally enjoy taking a moment to flip through the pages of this fashion bible, whether it is the general monthly edition, a special edition, the Dutch, UK, US or Spanish issue or online. But as you might know, Vogue gave me more than just the latest updates on fashion. Thanks to Vogue I went to London, to participate in the Vogue Intensive Summer Course. And that was actually the beginning of the first big change of my career. I wrote my application, got accepted and packed my bags. And when I came back – exactly one year ago – my parents gave me this Vogue clutch as a little souvenir. For them a small joke, to me it was a big gesture with a real meaning. Go chase your dreams, follow your ambitions and get out of your comfort zone. And if it doesn’t work out the way you expect, except it and move on. Some of those choices are not easy to make and therefore it is very valuable if your close family and friends support you whenever you lose track. And if they are not around, I hold on to my Vogue whether it is the newest printed edition or this cute little bag.


– Pics by Michiel Goudswaard –

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