The bag of… Fab and Luxury Curves


The bag of… Fab and Luxury Curves

Saskia is a very special, sweet and a successful fashion blogger for Fab and Luxury Curves. She is the living proof that you don’t have to be super slim to be beautiful. This blogger is super stylish and very creative with fashion. She encourages women all over the world to show themselves, even if they aren’t a size 36. And she is not inspiring other women with a plus, but also her children as her son (14!) just started his own blog as well. She is a true multitasker as she is a part time flight attendant which enables her to travel the world. If you are curious to know more about her life as a flight attendant and blogger, you should follow her on Snapchat (@fabluxurycurves). Or… read on to find out all about the bag of… Fab and Luxury Curves!


What is the story between you and the bag in the pictures?

I found this bag in Shanghai, at an indoor market. I immediately was captivated by the skull. I am not really designer-bag-minded, but I later found out that the bag is by Thomas Wylde. I had no intentions that day to buy a bag, but I just had to had this one. That is my shopping-strategy in general, go out and buy what I coincidently see and very much like.


What was the main reason to start Fab and Luxury Curves?

I started three years ago after my colleagues, friends and family persuaded me to document my looks as they always asked me where I got my outfit from. I slowly and playfully started putting some looks online. Besides this reason I noted that diversity lacked magazines so I could not identify myself with the girls in those magazines. I hope that there will be a movement in the next years to more diversity. I think it is very important to inspire plus-size women to feel happy about themselves and how to be creative with fashion so they can embrace their curves while looking fabulous.


Do you prefer carrying a classic designer bag or a striking statement piece?

I don’t care about designer bags. I don’t carry one bag in general; I’m more like a fast-fashion-bag-girl. I carry what completes my outfit and it doesn’t matter which brand it is.

What can we find in your bag?

Chewing gum, perfume by Narciso Rodriguez, power bank for phone, lipstick (by preference a nude-one) and a carrier Nivea, keys, cards and phone.


Which bag is on top of your wish list?

A Chloe Faye Small bag is on top of my wish list. And I would opt for a black color. However, I am afraid that I will end up on the bottom of my closet after a while because I change bags so much and forget that I have it.

How would you describe your style?

Feminine but at the same time girly, fun and with an edge. I love wearing colors and to experiment with fashion. Clothes match my state of mind that I have when I get up. That is why my suitcase is always filled to maximum with all kinds of clothes as I never know how I will feel when I arrive on my travel destination. I usually finish my look with a clutch as I love to carry my essentials in my hand.


Who is your favorite person on Instagram and on Snapchat?

My favorite person on Snapchat is Nadia Aboulhosm and on Instagram Beyoncé!

Why should you visit Suriname at least once?

What’s not to love about this country?! It is next to Brazil so the sun is always shining, the nature is breathtaking and the people speak Dutch. And the food… well the food is amazing! Suriname is a mix of all kinds of cultures and religions who live together with respect for each other, traditions and believes. For this reason, it is a very peaceful and relaxed country. Whenever I get out of the plane, I feel happy and at home as I was born here.


Thank you very much for telling us all about your bag, Suriname, etc! If you want to know more about Saskia, please visit her blog or follow her on Instagram.


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