Restaurant Allure


Restaurant Allure

Grab your bag and go to Restaurant Allure in Rotterdam, a very special restaurant in the city I grew up. Accordingly I often go here with my family to celebrate and to enjoy the heavenly food as well as everything around it. They have a true passion for cooking as well as for hospitality. My family therefore loves to spend Christmas eve at this restaurant and many other special nights as it is far more than just going out for dinner. Restaurant Allure also organised our pre-wedding dinner at my parents home a few weeks ago. Their passion is visible on your plate and the atmosphere in the restaurant is allure-worthy but still casual and intimate which makes it a true personal experience. Last weekend my grandparents took us here for a cozy good bye-lunch as we will be leaving soon to start our big adventure (I will reveal all about it tomorrow!). Restaurant Allure offers all kinds of menus or you can order a la carte. We chose the surprise menu and if you are curious to see how they spoiled us, make sure to scroll down!


The interior of Restaurant Allure


This looks too beautiful and far too delicious..!


Scollops never tasted so well!


Allure is very famous for their wines and our family’s favorite is Apothic from California!


The most delicious lamb as main course!


Never forget to order the selection of cheeses as the Assistent Maître won the ‘Best Fromager 2016’ award


This is not a sponsored post. I just wanted to share this hotspot so you can grab your bag and go to Restaurant Allure as well!


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