Enjoy the moment!


Enjoy the moment!

Grab your bag and go to Restaurant Camuri in Spain! To enjoy, live an never forget that moment. Last week my mother and I went to the south of Spain for only four days, to relax, to shop and to work on our glow for the wedding (only 16 days from now!). I am very close with my mom and I love her for spontaneity and positive mindset. She can truly turn everyday into an adventure even though you don’t do anything risky. She makes me realise that you should make each day count and that you should enjoy the moment. Like we did at Camuri in Marbella.


It was a tropical summer day and we arrived while the sun was shining and we could see Gibraltar and Africa in the distance. This time of year it is about 15 °C there. However as we were lucky, we decided to sit outside on the terrace and order ourselves some glasses of verdejo blanco. My mother had been here before and she told me that she was craving for the fried sushi with salmon (age salmon maki) and something warm. The kind waitress recommended the wok with chicken breast & shrimps in red curry & coconut milk with basmati rice. And I can tell you, the food tastes even better than it looks the pictures. We ordered another glass of wine to really live the moment until we were interrupted by a very wild and stormy rain shower which we saw coming from the sea. But still, we enjoyed, lived and will never forget this moment at Restaurant Camuri.

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This is not a sponsored post. I just wanted to share this hotspot so you can grab your bag and go here as well!


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