Love at first sofa!


Love at first sofa!

After we moved back from the USA in December, we knew we wanted to purchase a house. A dream since I was a little girl, to start a family with the man I love in the house we would raise our children. And after two months of searching, we found our perfect house. As from the minute I walked in, I knew it. I felt it. This is our home. This is the place we will be happy. And after 5 more months, we moved with basically nothing more than four suitcases. Because we rented an apartment including furniture and we didn’t take any furniture from the States. So we had the perfect house but still needed to find the perfect furniture.

As young and excited parents to be, the nursery room was priority number 1. However,  as we were deciding on those pieces, we realized that we forgot about ourselves. Because we had nothing to sit on!! We needed to find ourselves the perfect sofa! And finding the perfect sofa is like finding the perfect guy; this can not be forced. Because it doesn’t only need to have the looks, it needs to be so much more. It needs to be comfortable, interesting, authentic, and above all, it needs to be the reason you want to come home to. And when we saw this sofa at Sofacompany, we knew it was love at first side. The 3 sits sofa had the perfect looks, sat super comfortable, was very interesting due to its design with its different cushions and the beautiful blue velvet material. Every day, I can’t wait to come home to this perfect couch and matching pouch. It was exclusively and specially made and designed for us in Vietnam and therefore it took 13 weeks to deliver this couch to our house. But you know, good things are so worth the wait.

Sofacompany is originally a Danish company, offering beautiful furniture of high quality for an honest price. This is possible with a simple and unique business concept with sales exclusively online. However, as they understand you want to try out the sofa before you order, they also have show rooms in Amsterdam, Arnhem, Antwerp and Rotterdam. The employees are very knowledgeable and can assist you in a very friendly and honest manner. Their furniture is supplied direct from their factory in Vietnam, where they contribute to the welfare in the local community and among employees. So this sofa is in every aspect, very beautiful!


We picked out our perfect sofa in the perfect material and color in the showroom in Amsterdam

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Our unique and beautiful sofa was delivered in our living room after 13 weeks and we couldn’t be happier with the result! It is comfortable, interesting, authentic, and above all, it is the reason we want to come home. 


As always, thank you for reading! XoXo Susanne!

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