How to care for your leather bag


How to care for your leather bag

A leather carrier is a beloved accessory by both men and women. It is an investment piece that turns more beautiful over usage. A scratch or a mark here and there will give the purse character and a life-story of it’s own. So yes, it can be a beautiful thing when your bag ages over time. However, as it is made of organic materials, you should make sure that the bag is maintained in an appropriate manner. Obviously, the way you should take care of the natural leather is always depending on the type of skin. However, this article aims to give you general advice on how to care for your leather bag.

How to clean & make your leather bag waterproof?

If dirt has mucked up your bag, you should use a little warm water and lightly rub the mark; it is better to rub 93 times with low pressure than 7 times with a lot of pressure as you may damage the leather. And if  water is spilled over your precious item, make sure you let it dry naturally. You can never make a leather bag entirely waterproof, but you can protect it against water which may be helpful in autumn and winter. Like with your shoes, a spray protectant is breathable and virtually invisible on your bag. Using a wax may be even more effective (buy your Collonil Wax Spray here).

How to care for your leather bag

How to store & condition your leather bag?

Often you will receive a dustbag when you buy your new container: you get that for a reason! So make sure you use it when you store your bag, preferably in a dry and clean place. You also want to safeguard its form and for that you can use a Kissabag (read the full article here). Don’t expose your bag to extreme temperatures as both extreme heath and cold can damage the structure of the leather fibres. As the leather is a natural product it will dry out over time, just like your own skin. For that reason, you may want to consider to condition your bag every month with moisturiser or something similar (one of my best friends always uses vaseline for her leather jacket and bags).

Hopefully you find this article helpful. If you have a more specific question on how to care for your leather bag, please leave a comment and I will answer your question asap.

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