Get spring-proof with ECCO!


Get spring-proof with ECCO!

Spring is here! The birds are singing in the morning, you are meeting your friends on your favourite terrace, the trees carry blossom and you leave the house with bare legs – even though it is actually still too cold to do so. But hey; it’s spring! It’s in the air and there is no way around it. Everybody is happier, more relaxed and extra energised during this season. The world blooms up with renewed life and a lively mindset. The days grow brighter and so should your wardrobe. And to help you accomplishing that, I really want to show you the new collection for Spring by ECCO. The popular Scandinavian designer reconnects with nature by using bright fabrics and natural materials. The shapes are natural and flowing, as if they are full of life. Flowers and blossom may not lack this spring fantasy.

Most people know ECCO as the Danish designer that creates high-comfort, functional, stylish shoes with the perfect fit. Since 1963, more than 350 million pairs of ECCO shoes have walked the earth. But besides shoes, ECCO also creates beautiful and timeless bags, accessories and small leather goods. Last year I showed you one of my favourite bags in my collection, the Ecco Felicity Bag (read the full article here) which proved how they succeeded in designing an everyday bag that looks and feels special every day. I am also convinced that your wardrobe will get brighter with the new ECCO bags from the Spring/Summer 2016 collection in the pretty pastels colours like pink, blue and beige and other soft colours. If you are curious, please scroll down and check out some of the items of ECCO that will help you getting spring-proof!


As you will see, both men and women will choose laid-back clothing and look irresistible while doing so. The man is carrying a messenger and the woman the SP Shopper, perfect for both professional and casual occasions as it combines contemporary good looks with practicality.


This bag is a must-have for fashion-conscious shoppers this season as it is both convenient and stylish. This Sculptured Folded Tote fits all your essentials and is easy to wear.


The Sculptured ECCO bags are a good example of true Scandinavian minimalistic design as they are pure and simple and crafted from smooth and nappa leather.


The Soft Pebble Bags make you feel special every day. This collection is based on three key design qualities which are roundness, softness and attitude. This SP Shopper in the picture above is one of my favourites!


ECCO reconnects with nature this spring and the best example thereof are the bags in the Habra collection. This classic hobo bag makes everyday functionality meet with designer chic styling. The canvas and leather trim finishing is on trend this season.


This handsome guy is carrying the Finley Backpack that is made of durable canvas and leather trim. Backpacks will be very popular again this season, especially this cool Scandinavian design.


The Handa Clutch Wallet is the perfect accessory to join you for drinks on the terrace, a barbecue in the park or a little walk. Enjoy your Spring!


P.s. 1 Photo credits for ECCO
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