Kissabag bag!

Kissabag bag!

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If you do not already deeply love your bag when you buy it, you will definitely after you have been using it. This bag accompanies you on all your adventures and carries all your important things. As said in “No bag no story”, your bag carries your world! This accessory will only be valued more and more as it is slowly becoming a part of you. However, we love to vary our outfits, including the bag that completes our look. In such situation, you want to cherish your bag and store it safely. I therefore found it always so frustrating that, after I had been struggling with lots of tissues or other filler bag products, I eventually squeezed my bags into my closet even though I knew that this bag would be totally deformed later on. As a complete bag-lover, I went to seek for a solution..!

KissaBag 4What I found was even better than I had expected: KissaBag! The KissaBag is a beautiful black “cushion” with a very lovely and feminism appearance, which protects your handbag and maintains its shape and look. This “bag” is simply inserted in your precious (small or large) handbag so we can leave our fights with paper behind. A sweet smelling container (Rose Scent – Bamboo Charcoal inside – Natural Dehumidifier) joins the KissaBag which prevents any mold and mildew increase as it absorbs the excess moisture. The Dutch designer who is currently living in Hong Kong thought of every tiny detail, including a gift card. Because this is indeed the perfect gift for your friend, family member or colleague who love their handbags and want to cherish it!

You can choose from four different sizes so you can optimally preserve the look and feel of each of your bags by using the right size of KissaBag! The prices vary from EUR 13.50 to EUR 21.50 depending whether you choose the mini, midi, maxi or silki (check out the size chart to find out which one is suitable for your bag). If you want to keep your bag in perfect shape, just order the KissaBags online or buy these items in the stores, such as Azzuro in the P.C. Hoofdstraat.

Using these filler goods, your closet does not only have a nice fresh smell, but also looks stunning showcasing all your precious possessions! From now on you can not only enjoy your bags while carrying, but also while stored safely so your bag stays in perfect condition. As the logo (attractive pair of red lips) shows as well, the message of KissaBag is love and an infectious passion for bags! So get yourself (or your beloved ones) a pair of KissaBags and share the endless enthusiasm, love and care for your bag!

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