Food, Food and more Food in NYC!


Food, Food and more Food in NYC!

New York.. New York.. Who doesn’t love New York?! With its big and famous streets as Broadway, Wall Street and Fifth Avenue, the beautiful bridges (my favourite is the Brooklyn bridge), its beautiful buildings (hello Empire State and Flatiron) as well as its romantic Central park, its crazy Times Square, iconic Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller centre and Grand Central Terminal. But it is also the city that is famous for its food. Because with so many immigrants from all over the world, the restaurants here are fun, diverse and authentic. That is why we booked a Foods of NY Tour in the heart of the Village. It is a culinary journey while secrets and legends are being told. We discovered so many fun, unique and special places while we walked the tiny streets. Foods of NY offers six different tours in NY, but I loved this one, right through the heart of NYC’s Greenwich Village. Read on to discover my favourite restaurants..!


Negroni like mama used to make.

Cafe Dante follows Italian tradition where no phones and no computers are welcome. They hold on to tradition and the classic Italian vibes ever since it opened its doors in 1915. Cafe Dante has 12 negronis on the menu and they taste like mama used to make. It is the #1 bar and restaurant of America and #16 bar in the world. The casual flatbread is a perfect match with negroni, a cocktail that is like martini only with bitters and sweet vermout.


Bollywood in NYC

Are you in for spicy with a touch of bollywood, make sure to visit Masala Times in Greenwich village. I never had Indian street style food before but I loved our Unda Bhurji, which is a kind of burrito with spiced scrambled eggs as well as the mango lassi, a super yummie drink that eases your spicy food.



Puerto Rico Importing Coffee on Bleecker Street has all the coffee beans you can dream off..! The more roast, the less the caffeine but stronger toast. This is a stop you can’t miss!


Ciao Bella

Monte’s is a famous Italian trattoria where you can taste the best hand-made pasta and the most delicious bolognese (no cream). Add a glass of Italian wine and this girl is the happiest of all!


Everything oatmeal!

Sam, the owner of the world’s first oatmeal bar, started experimenting with oatmeal after she got fat in college. Today you can  indulge her award-winning oatmeal cookies as Oatmeals put a modern twist on an old-fashioned favorite!



Restaurant Cuba has the authentic cuisine from this colourful island. Empanadas with great savory fillings like spinach and manchego and – wow – those mojitos! This romanic place is located in a historic street in Greenwich Village. Americans have fallen in love with Latin food, music, and culture and this restauarnt has them all under one roof.


We finished the tour at Sullivan Street Tea & Spice Company where we had a wonderful cup of  Ulang tea which all you can wish for on a chilly day. They have at least 100 teas as well as spices like truffle salt, gost peppers, etc. A very special place in this colourful and tasty neighbourhood.


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As always, thank you for reading! Xx Susanne  

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