The coolest thing in NYC: Jet Skiing with Sea The City!


The coolest thing in NYC: Jet Skiing with Sea The City!

The first time I heart about jet skiing on the Hudson in winter, I thought I didn’t understand it correctly. It seemed to be crazy and definitely very cold. So I assumed there was another Hudson river on our beautiful planet earth I didn’t know about. But soon enough I checked the Sea the City website and I found out it was exactly what it sounds like: jet ski in New York on the Hudson River in the winter, near sub-zero conditions, at up to 60 miles an hour. Well, even though that sounds a little insane, I didn’t have to think twice and immediately booked the tour for my husband and myself. Because I thought that this must be the most spectacular way to se(a)e the City and the most adrenaline inducing adventure I would ever experienced!!


Jet Ski in New York City in winter time!

These super cool jet ski tours are operated by Se(e)a the City, the company that offers Jet Ski Tours of Manhattan, Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. Our tour started from their launching point just 10 minutes from Downtown by ferry. I love going by ferry, especially in New York so this was a fun, reliable and fast start of the start of the jet ski tour. Before we started we had to go through some safety rules and – more importantly – get into a drysuit. This suit makes sure that you will stay dry and warm from your neck to your toes, including shoes and gloves. Seriously, I have been cold for a second and it was so much fun. We had perfect blue skies and the water was pretty calm. In winter there are less boats on the Hudson, so I think this is the perfect season to go jet skiing!


Jet skiing on the Hudson!

After the short introduction and explanation, Cal took us out on the water! As I jet skied a few times in my life, I felt comfortable very fast. But I can tell you, the first time I accelerated on the Hudson, in the direction of Manhattan I thought… WOW!!!!! My heart was beating so fast!! I could feel the adrenaline running in my entire body. Yessss this was just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!


What do you see when you go jet skiing with Sea the City?

So the coolest thing about the jet skiing, is that you visit all the main attractions of New York off the beaten track. Because only a few of the lucky ones are on the water, more specifically on a jet ski that goes 60 miles an hour. As you have your own jet ski, you are in charge; as long as you stay with your group. You’ll see all the beautiful building on Manhattan like the World Trade Center, Empire State Building and Chrysler Building as well as the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridge. You’ll pass Staten Island and go straight to the Statute of Liberty. You can come so close with the jetski which is very very special. I highly recommend you booking a tour when you go to the Big Apple as it was seriously one of the coolest activities I have ever done in my life.


Sea the City has 12 jet skis and they are growing. I sincerely can’t wait to go back to New York and go jet skiing again as it is just amazing!


Enjoying the view over the Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge and Manhattan!


I can see the Statue of Liberty already…. Very small, of course.


This is the ferry you take when you go to the launching point of Sea the City. They are located at Liberty Landing Marina in Jersey City, New Jersey. This ferry goes every 30 minutes and is $7 per person one way and takes only 10 minutes.


The happiest and most excited girl!


Thank you Sea the City for taking us out there and for showing us New York in the coolest, most adventurous and adrenaline seeking way!


Vlog: Jet ski in New York City

As always, thank you for reading! Xx Susanne  

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