A special night with the Ducks!


A special night with the Ducks!

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Memphis is the city of Elvis and Johny Cash; the city of blues, soul and rock & roll. It has a quirky charm, a cool history and is fairly romantic. Memphis is a city on the Mississippi river in southwest Tennessee and was named after the ancient capital of Egypt on the Nile River. It is also the town of bbq as well as ducks. Yes, you read it correctly, Memphis is famous for mallard ducks. Because the most historic hotel of Tennessee, The Peabody Hotel has had these very special guests since 1933. On the roof of the hotel is a true Duck Palace that is home to 5 mallards that parade in the hotel lobby’s fountain during the day. Now I always thought that ducks were cute, but these are truly adorable. The hotel has been the business and social hub of Memphis since 1869 and the restaurant and the grand lobby of The Peabody are prove of that fact. There is a fancy but casual vibe to the elegant foyer that has a overlooking mezzanine and a grand bouquet in the centre of the fountain. The piano music in the background makes it perfect to have a drink and a social or business talk. And because the ducks are loved by all people, you see a fun mix of people of all ages and cultural backgrounds.


When we arrived, we immediately sat down in the bar to watch the ducks play in the water and to enjoy some local brewed beers and bites. The Duck Master of The Peabody Hotel kindly welcomed us and gave us a short introduction about the ducks. He told us that the mallards would make their way back to their duck palace at 5pm, the famous Duck March, a true spectacle where the ducks parade into the elevator and go up in the elevator, back to their chateaux on the 12th floor. The Duck Master is there to herd the ducks back to their rooftop palace on the ritme of the piano and have been doing so since 1940. Oprah Winfrey was a honorary duck master once, and you can be too! Not sure what to expect?! Make sure to check out the short video, you don’t want to miss this.

After the march we walked to Beale street, which is only 5 minutes from the hotel, for a fun night for live music, some more beer and bbq. At the end of the night we followed the ducks up and went to our hotel room. After I took a nice bath (with the ducks), I was ready for a good night sleep in the large and elegant bed. The following morning we got to enjoy the pool and the hot tub (uhmmm is there a better way to wake up?!). Afterwards we had a delicious breakfast in the room (yay for roomservice) and I had the best banana bread ever. The parfait was also delicious, especially when you can eat it in bed, haha. Unfortunately we only stayed for one night, but I sincerely hope to come back one day to stay and play at The Peabody Hotel and I hope you can do too! Memphis is a super cool city and this hotel is a true experience on its own!


As always, thank you for reading! Xx Susanne  

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