The Carlile Room


The Carlile Room

For authentic cocktails, mouthwatering food and a great portion of romance, you should visit The Carlile Room in Seattle. As my husband and I are real foodies, we got the recommendation from several people to visit a Tom Douglas Restaurant, who is an icon in Seattle. He has 30 restaurants in total and a cooking school. As we love vibrant places with good food and a warm atmosphere, we picked this restaurant, located in Downtown Seattle. The Carlile Room is Tom Douglas’ 13th restaurant in Seattle and only a ten-minutes walk from our Hotel Andra. We loved the décor of this place which has explosive vibes of the late-sixties/early-seventies. The menu was modern with surprising ‘plant house’ features and remarkable local meats which are great for sharing. The book of booze offers a terrific wine menu and classic seventies-era lounge cocktails. The dj was playing some fine beats and our waitress Amy was absolutely amazing. She recommended me to get a cocktail with gin, vanilla and carrot (so good!!), the pepper pot and the filet mignon. As a desert we ordered the cascade huckleberry crisp with Icelandic bilberry swirl frozen yogurt, WOW!!! They know how to make a foodie happy..!


– The Carlile Room, 820 Pine St, Seattle


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