How we made our move from Amsterdam to San Francisco FUN?!


How we made our move from Amsterdam to San Francisco FUN?!

Since we got in the U.S.A. it has been a party! San Francisco is a beautiful city with many different area’s, sides and cultures as well as many restaurants, bars and shops. If you follow me on Snapchat (BagatYou) you have seen that we already crossed the Golden Gate Bridge by bike, hiked in the Muir Woods, sailed on the Bay, biked to the Ferry Building, Fisherman’s Wharf and Twin Peaks and went out for dinner and drinks. And at the end of the day we come home to our amazing apartment with the most beautifil views in the middle of Frisco.


We have been quite excited to move to America and extensively thought about what we wanted to bring as we will stay here for one year and only brought two suitcases a person. As I told you in ‘What to put in your travel bag‘, I’m not a light traveler, so it was a true challenge not to exceed the limits of the KLM’s 2 x 23 kg luggage-allowance. And to help myself, I searched for a big, smart and solid bag.


Since last summer, I am the happy owner of the Eastpak Transverz Trolley S (read more about it in ‘Travel in style‘). I therefore checked whether they also had these kind of trolley’s in a bigger suitcase-version. It appeared that the Eastpak Transverz Trolley L exactly met the limits of KLM. I loved the prints and color combinations of these bags, especially the so-called Festival Mood and Brize Green. Once it arrived by mail, we found it very easy to pack these bags as you can easily organize your items in the two separate internal zipped areas. The double deck compartment with zippered closure assured that my clothes and bits and bobs were very easily accessible and compartmentalized. The compression straps are ideal to adjust its volume so that it can be packed up or down. I kept my travel documents in the zippered front pocket  and the top and side padded handle grip made it very easy to use this suitcase as well as the telescopic handle. Even though my suitcases were around 22.7 kg each, the smooth wheeling system made it very light to carry without making any noise when I walked around at the airport.


After we arrived at our new apartment and put our clothes in the closet we easily stored our suitcases under our bed, as you can fold it down and it becomes very flat. This way we are able grab our bags whenever we are planning to go on a new adventure…!

Bag-at-you---Fashion-blog---Travel---Eastpak-Transverz-Trolleys-LBag-at-you---Fashion-blog---Eastpak-Transverz-Trolley-L Bag-at-you---Fashion-blog---Eastpak-Transverz-Trolleys-L---Suitcase

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