Collecting summers with Boamer!


Collecting summers with Boamer!

Now that Spring is officially here, it is very important to prepare for the summer in style. Because we ladies want to shine on the beach, in the most elegant way. I’m very picky when it comes to swimwear as I want my swimwear to be unique, colorful, elegant and fun. And I finally found a designer that gives me all that I want. BOAMAR Swimwear is a fashion label that creates unique pieces to enjoy an eternal summer. From the beginning, I was absolutely amazed by the beauty, exclusivity and quality. So when I went to Hawaii last week, I was super excited to finally wear my new bikinis and bathing suit. BOAMAR creates its swimwear pieces in Colombia which support your body with exaggerated attention to technical construction. I’m in love with the ruffles that are so playfully attached to each of these swimsuits! The colors are also super rich and bring positive beach vibes. It is a state of mind where body and soul relate to a feeling of wholeness and joy. These swimwear pieces make me feel pretty and confident; they make me to ready to explore the world and to collect summers..!


Fiesta collection

BOAMAR basically has two collections. The first one is the Fiesta collection. As the name reveals, these pieces are festive, fun, flirty, colorful and playful. All the pieces I wear in the pictures are from this collection with the ruffles, the colors, the prints and the name of the pieces (like Tequila and Mojito top). What even makes this label more exciting, is that you can mix and match all of the bottoms with the tops.


Majestic collection

The other collection of BOAMAR is called ‘Majestic‘. When you look at the pieces, you immediately understand why. The collection is still flirty and have the perfect design to enhance your shape, but it all feels a little bit more royal, more chic. Another really cool feature of this collection is that most of these pieces are reversible.



Through the summer memories we collect, we show our muses new ways to enjoy life… encouraging a healthy life style, travels and a perfect balance of body and mind, while giving back to the planet we get to enjoy.’


International shipping

BOAMAR ships internationally, so no matter where you are on the globe, you can start collecting summers in the most elegant, fun and playful way!


Tom Collins Bathing Suit

This is an amazing one-piece swimsuit with a romantic and sophisticated front and back neckline. The deep cut back gives a elegant and sexy appeal. The ruffles make this suit extra charming and playful. This suit is made in Colombia and I’m wearing a size Small.


Mojito Top and Caipirinha bottom 

This digital floral print is a manifest of femininity and sensuality. The triangle bikini top and the cheeky fit bottom are trendy and the perfect flirty fit. The bottom and the top (both small) have an adjustable tie respectively at the sides and at the front with tassel ends, which makes this bikini perfect!


Tequila Top and Affair bottom

This off the shoulder swimwear piece gives a extra feeling of sensuality and femininity, especially because of the feminine ruffles around the neckline. It has soft cups and perfectly stays put. I love to pair this with the Affair bottom which has a enchanting high waist 50’s bottom silhouette (the perfect aesthetic to enhance your figure). To complete the ‘fiesta’-feeling, ruffle details have been added to the top back edge of this bottom. I’m wearing a size Small.

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