What to put in your travel bag?


What to put in your travel bag?

Bag-at-You---Fashion-blog---What-to-put-in-your-travel-bag---passport-vogueI love to go away for the weekend. A quick visit to the sun, a romantic citytrip or a family visit is just the perfect getaway to relax and charge your battery. Last month I visited Italy twice and only took this Eastpak Transverz Trolley. Always a challenge of course as you have to make smart choices to make sure that everything fits within this hand luggage bag, which is not something I developed an extraordinary talent for. But I did gain knowledge by doing it and find myself getting better at “light traveling”. I therefore take my changes and share my tips & tricks about what to put in your trolley.

Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light.” – Yogi Bhajan

First of all, make sure that you have the right equipment. Like I told you in the Travel in Style with Eastpak article, this trolley was very helpful as it appeared that this travel bag fitted so much more than I thought when I got it (and that makes packing so much easier & fun). When I start packing I keep the quote in mind, stay focussed and think smart – yes – this is serious business! I therefore always start by grapping my passport and phone wrapped around in holiday-vibes (get similar icecream case here). Obviously I have to bring my beach items: my bikini (have you seen the fringes on my bottom, get similar here), a statement necklace, the little toiletry bag (which is multifunctional as I also wear it as a clutch when we go for lunch) and a small bottle sunscreen (mind the 100ml restrictions!). When I choose my outfits I always go for my favourite items as I know that these will be the first that I put on when I arrive, like my colourful skirt when we go out for dinner (shown here) and my denim shorts during day time. And last but not least I will take my favourite read: the latest edition of Vogue.

How do you pack your travel bag? And do you have any tips for me to do this even more efficient?


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